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From Poland to Uruguay: Jewish identity in pictures
Tali Farkash
Published: 12.08.17, 23:47
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1. Hidden agenda
Ra-anan ,   Jerusalem   (08.13.17)
You've included pictures and comments of only the group that is, according to the latest demographics, 71% intermarriage with non-Jews, namely, nonorthodoxy. Only 8% of the grandchildren of intermarriage are raised as Jewish. Apparently the author is trying to prop the dying patient up in bed for a photo op. Not only is this group intermarriage itself to death, but have increasingly taken anti-Israel positions like backing Obama'said rearing of Iran with nukes, backing the democratic party'supplies platform of returning to the auschintz borders of 1967. Nor did this group utter a peep when Obama blocked weapons shipments during the last Gaza war.
2. anti-Semitism Anna Russophobia are two sides of the same med
MrReason   (08.22.17)
Shouldn't it be named from Russia to Uruguay? The Western Russophobia should not be accepted by Jewish community.
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