Man stabbed at Damascus Gate, terrorist neutralized
Ynet reporters, TPS
Published: 12.08.17, 20:24
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1. Why didn't they kill this pal hag ?!
ab   (08.12.17)
2. "Without Injury". Now we're really proud of ourselves?!
3. Simple fix: All Arabs entering the old city must be naked.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.12.17)
4. a woman with a 10 inch knive stabs an israeli
martin   (08.12.17)

a woman with a 10 inch knife stabs an israeli who is unarmed. the woman is neutralized, arrested, then given s hort jail sentence with 3 meals a day, a koran, visits, courses, and telephone calls and visits.

this is how israel fights terror-kid gloves.hitler would have remained in power if the soviets fought back like this.

israeli get guns and take care of attackers yourselves and get all the info for authorities.
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