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Galilee archaeologists unearth ‘tantalizing’ link to Second-Temple period
Published: 12.08.17, 15:35
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1. & all this under an Anti Israel village Reine
ArabDenialDelusional ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.13.17)
How ironic that it is being discovered in one of Israel's most virulent
Anti Israel villages along with its neighbor Cana headquarters of
Moslem Brotherhood organizations and if that isn't enough from
the photo it is right next to the village school where hate is taught
this village has a long history of anti Israel violence and even
of the murder of an Israeli Jewish soldier from Nazareth Elite
but still they will deny the Jewish presence here as their culture
Tehillim Psalm 85 says " Out of the earth shall spring forth the truth"
is built on irrationality
2. Galilee archaeologists
Tova ,   Canada   (08.21.17)
Archaeology in Israel will continue to flourish. These are the days the world seeks to destroy Israel with BDS/anti-semitism. And for each offense against Israel GOD shows proof through archaeology history claim and right to the Land GOD has given to Israel.. Good for Israel. This is our land and no nation of earth can destroy what GOD has created. Each time I go to Israel there is more and more evidence of Israel existence that matches exactly what is written in the Bible.
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