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Orthodox Jewish group sues NJ town to keep religious markers
Associated Press
Published: 12.08.17, 20:52
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1. They did not cry antisemitism yet? It will come.
Jon ,   Usa   (08.12.17)
The Jewish cult member are expending and taking over peaceful nigborhoods in NJ. They are menace to society. They are thieves living on our expenses. Some already in jail for stealing public money. Beware, they are cancer to everyone.
2. Now if this was a mosque
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (08.13.17)
The township wouldn't mutter a peep.
3. This is stupid
Tova ,   Canada   (08.23.17)
The united states is not Israel. The orthodox community and any other religious community does not have the right to close of neighbourhoods. Streets are public and open to all people of all faiths. These Orthodox is just plain stupid, They do not believe in the State of Israel and yet they want the united states to grant them whatever they wish for.. As stupid as this is it is also an enabler to anti-semitism. America will not put with such nonsense. Unless of course you are a muslim. It is the muslins that america fears not Jews. And so it is Jews that will enable hatred to grow. If only these orthodox jews were really true to the Torah. They are an occult and evil cult which blinds Jews to the true meaning of Torah
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