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Conan O'Brien heading to Israel in late August to 'help Jared Kushner'
Ran Boker
Published: 12.08.17, 21:57
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1. If Conan says so, we will relinquish Jerusalem AND Tel Aviv!
2. That "gingee" can do no wrong, so why not "Shulem"?!YEAH
3. "Keshet" the most Left Wing of Israel's Media bringing him
YrBeingUsedConan ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.13.17)
Now its clear being brought over by Keshet the purveyor of the
foulest of Western low culture here in Israel is bringing him
over to make trouble why the LA Consul is involved is weird
unless he is part of the La La Land Jewish Cabal in LA as
well. Keshet has made its millions on the backs of the
working class Sephardic Jew feeding their children
the lowest forms of pop culture to make millions for their
Ashkenazi Post Zionist Tel Aviv "elite" Moguls . They will feed
him Post Zionism hate of Netanyahu and he will spread
their self hate this disease among his viewers . Conan
you are being used stay home save your good name
4. Hallelujah, The Moshiyah is flying in & He's a red-haired,
tall & funny!
5. He's known in US 4 promoting division and humiliating others
DelusionalPowerDrunk ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.21.17)
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