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Car plows into crowd protesting against white nationalists in Virginia, killing 1
Associated Press
Published: 12.08.17, 23:47
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1. Well, Lefties came hoping for heavy drama, and they got it
Cameron   (08.13.17)
2. What say you, General Lee?
Cameron   (08.13.17)
3. 3 were killed during riots by Black Lives Matter/Alt-Left
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.13.17)
4. This time a redneck? What has the world come to? :-) Well:
you let it will slide further, all the way to the sea.
5. PC BS vs. reality
borash paul ,   Hollywood   (08.13.17)
Thomas Jefferson owned hundreds of African-American slaves, Robert E. Lee owned none. Why not eliminate all things that memorialized Jefferson?
6. "The root of all evil is money"
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.14.17)
If FBI investigated (if they feel like working) they'd find among the White Supremists (KKK) financial backing from some outside fanatics (Russia, Iran, Korea or even ISIS) for creating disunity in America. Their intention is to weaken America's spirit so that we cannot help to fight evil elsewhere.
7. Why is everyone down on the Nazis?
Cameron   (08.14.17)
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