Opinion  Smadar Perry
Israel's closed embassies in Cairo and Amman
Smadar Perry
Published: 13.08.17, 22:59
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1. Back to reality
tiki ,   belgium   (08.14.17)
There is no peace, neither with Egypt nor with Jordan. There were a few month of euphoria, but these days have long gone.

There is a ceasefire & uncomfortable 'truth' which can explode any minute when containing the fanatics at home is more important than any deal with the Zionist enemy.

Nothing has changed except the mindset of some Israeli's who naively believe in "peace" with Arabs/Muslims who just hate Jews & Israeli's intensely.
2. The lunacy of trading priceless land for worthless paper
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.16.17)
In reality, strength is what achieves and preserves peace. Not paper. Israel needs to end, once and for all, the lunacy of trading priceless land for worthless paper. Whatever we conquer, in our defensive wars, should be ours forever. Virtually all of Israel's worst problems directly result from Israeli retreats and concessions.
3. if there is no peace and no love it is even more important
epo   (08.16.17)
to keep friendly and functional ties with your neighbors.

your PM is dysfunctional, one could say an idiot.

this pic with the hug just documents that.

it shows how low he is.

he was glad to eventually meet someone as low as himself.

brothers in their wicked, disturbed mind.
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