Netanyahu: Iran is expanding its influence in Syria
Matan Tzuri
Published: 13.08.17, 21:13
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1. At this most dangerous period IL must kick out Bibi-meshugeh
Alan ,   SA   (08.13.17)
in ganse kop!
2. What kind of amnesia is this?
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (08.13.17)
Has the longest serving prime minister of the State of Israel forgotten that back in the mid-1990s, during his first term, he already knew this and shared it with us?
Does the longest serving prime minister of the State of Israel think that we are ignorant?
3. bla bla bla
gerard   (08.13.17)
do something about iran instead of endless s warnings. What an absolute coward bibi is. he only talks. Talk is cheap. and bibi is a whiny beggar asking others to do israel's work for it. how the hell does Israel keep producing these weaklings? Olmert, erdan, sheritz,. herzog, merridor, livni, lapid, ramon, and now gabbay??!!

the best thing for israel is for bibi to be indicted and then new elections.
4. @Noodles: it only matters what the people of Israel think
they can stay with this controlling self centered prime minister and risk losing the land they sit on or they could vote him out of office.
5. Noodles is your ignorance blissful?
Katanga ,   Israel   (08.13.17)
You do realize that Israel has existed for 68 years. Of those 68 years the current prime minister has served ONLY for the past 11 years.
Please do let me ask you this:
However did Israel manage for 57 years without Netanyahu?!
6. Shia terror regime will be destroyed
C   (08.13.17)
israel will never accept a nuclear powered iran.

it is inexplicable that trump has allowed russian special forces made up
of muslim forces to set up bases on israel's borders.
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