Opinion  Nahum Barnea
PM's investigations: Sacrificing a knight for a king
Nahum Barnea
Published: 14.08.17, 15:32
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1. spreading horse manure
ronnie   (08.14.17)
barnea is spreading lots of horse manure around without facts.he may even by exposing himself to defamation suits. we have opinions. bibi is either corrupt or is a stumblebumb who is an ignoramus. it is clear that from a miltary point of view, he is a total ignoramus and knows nothing about how to attack or defend. he has no curiosity about it as anyone who has fought would have. he is similtar to peretz and herzog-2 non fighters.

mandelbilt willl decide indictment not barnea.and a judge will decide if the state has proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

what is clear to me is that sara netanyahu will in all likelihood be indicted.

2. Will the King use the classic "Queen sacrifice" move first?
Chess is Chess! ,   Israel   (08.14.17)
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