Opinion  Noah Klieger
Why am I not surprised by displays of anti-Semitism in Sweden?
Noah Klieger
Published: 14.08.17, 23:49
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1. Its time to break diplomatic relations.
oleg ,   Florida USA   (08.15.17)
Why we have an ambassador there is behind me. For many years I will never walk to an Ikea store to buy their garbage or purchase any items made in that ex-federated Nazi country and ISIS affiliated ally. Jews and Israelis united and boycott this meatball country. Norway is worst then Sweden. Both countries are our enemies.
2. Add influence of Olof Palme :his UN Ambassador Eva Myrdal wa
ab   (08.15.17)
founder of the Institute of Racial Hygiene in Stockholm and his DirectorGeneral of the Foreign Office Sverke Âstrôm was a pre-war member of the Swedish Nazi Party.
Loven and Wallstrôm are Palme's ideological heirs
3. Thank you for the history lesson.
Dov ,   USA   (08.15.17)
4. Native Swedes will apply Hitler's final solution to Muslims
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.15.17)
5. Israel, look on the bright side - ...
leo ,   usa   (08.15.17)
... - you are here and they are not.

If Swedes are truly anti-Semites, then can you wish for better solution for "so called Palestinian" problem.
6. Sweden is a very interesting study in mass-suicide. Really!
7. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.15.17)
Sweden is hypocritical. it sells Bofors guns and Dynamite to many, that kill and destroy whilst preaching peace.
Swedes will wake up one day to a Muslim minority that is large in numbers and demanding Sharia law for them and the rest. the pacifist Swedes will strike back with a vengeance. time is the best form of justice.
8. on the "morals of the defense industry"... hahaha...
epo   (08.15.17)
your country is surely one of the major military killing method seller in the world.

really... YOU complaining about selling weapons or what...

it sounds as you think it can be a good thing to sell weapons to some and not to others.

israel is surely selling to everyone who wants killing goods including muslim countries via 3rd parties.

but all good, except for sweden, eh?

9. A question to Noah Klieger
Stan ,   Israel   (08.15.17)
where is there more anti-Semitism, in Sweden or in USA?

I you are interested in the history of Nazism, read up what Professor James Q. Whitman of Yale thinks about it.
Some common swedish phrases : Ahlan Wa'sahlan , Allahu Akbar , Shukran , min fadlak ,Inshallah. enjoy my swedish friends.....
11. "Swedes" protesting.
tiki ,   belgium   (08.15.17)
Looking at these pictures I start to feel pity for the Swedes.
The current & previous governments have put this country on SALE.
12. It's not Sweden it's islam
Avi L.   (08.15.17)
The author is wrong, it'all about islam and muslims.

Jews being apes and pigs is in the qoran and in the pictures you don't see ethnic swedes but hijabed women and middle eastern men.

Sweden refused to take in Jews, but also the US and the majority of other countries did the same.

This is the result of Eurabia, just google it.
13. Abbas called a blood liable in EU Parl and got applause.
Zushi   (08.16.17)
You can find in nearly all European countries the same situation, leaders spouting hate on different levels, protests calling to kill Jews. I HAVE SEEN VIDEOS TEN YEARS AGO WITH THE SAME THING HAPPENING. IT WAS IGNORED SO HAS GROWN WELCOME TO REALITY.

Most Western Democratic Nations are now funding Palestinian terrorist wages or hate education in some way or another with knowledge of their actions. People have spoken in Parliaments across the West and proven this but it continues. They also support and fund illegal land grabs and consider Jews to have no rights based on their race.

Corbyn in UK has called Hizballah and Hamas nice people and friends, been to Holocaust denial conferences and allies himself with the biggest haters of Jew, Israel and Western values for decades. Many members of his party have expressed similar views and support.

In Holland last year while protesting in support of Erdogan they called to kill the Jews not the Dutch. This has happened for years all over Europe. Malmo comes up a long time ago.

Look at Belgium Politicians some of the worst.

There are hundreds of examples.

Getting rid of anything remembering to Holocaust sometimes due to threats or its continuous vandalism is another action being carried out. From memorials to buildings, stone slabs to names of places.

I have experienced a Nazi Salute in my home, have been cursed just for being born Jewish, been told that the Jewish trait is greed, and sat next to two people not long ago in a coffee shop who openly called to find and beat some Jews, not only did no-one challenge them some joined them. I was so surprised and due to the situation I didn´t react. Now I understand why people don´t report these more often and I will in the future.

At Mosques or Islamic schools throughout the West, Muslims are being taught that Jews are sub-human. Not at all but enough. I have heard this both internally and externally. The education books found in England in raids and studies done on a large portion of mosques have proven this. There are also enough videos over the past decade from mosques throughout the Western world. Lately in California I believe and also a couple in Canada this year.

Everything is open to find If you have the time and patience to look for it. Sadly we live in a post-truth world although Israel has known what fake news is for decades.
14. Noah Klieger
Stan ,   Israel   (08.16.17)
Swedish prime minister and foreign minister are not anti-Semites, they demand an end to the occupation, as do 99% of state leaders.
15. It's sad
Stan ,   Israel   (08.16.17)
That Klieger who is now 90 years old has forgotten, and all the rest of you are too young to know about Raoul Wallenberg, a Swede who saved "tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazis"

It may interest you that during the Apartheid years in SA, Volvo refused to sell vehicles to that country because of the racism against non whites. In the meantime it is still possible to buy a Volvo in Israel despite the occupation.
16. Why call it anti-Semitism
Stan ,   Israel   (08.17.17)
The only flags in Helsingborg and Malmo are Palestinian flags. These are demonstrations against the Occupation,

If you are looking for swastikas anti-Semitism see Charlottesville USA.
17. Sweden lovvvvves her Muslims lol
BUIDL BABY BUILD !!   (08.18.17)
The Swedes work and the Muslims, like fleas live off the work of the Swedes.
18. # 16 Stan Perhaps your not aware that
the Nazis and the palestinains were allies in WW11?

The only difference is the Nazi's were smart and knew when to admit defeat.

And, there are No palestinians.
19. # 15 Stan Why not move from Israel?
Most Arabs love Israel as they are safe and can live free.

If you're not happy leave.

There are 100 more Muslims ready to

'occupy' your flat.

Adios here's your hat, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
20. Too late the Swedes are already slaves to Muslims.
BBB   (08.18.17)
The Swedes work and the Muslims watch them work.
21. # 5 Leo USA
The Swedes and pals are unnatural allies but, support one another grudgingly.
22. # 16 Stan Perhaps your not aware that
the Nazis and the palestinains were allies in WW11?

The only difference is the Nazi's were smart and knew when to admit defeat.

And, there are No palestinians.
23. Yup, Sweden hasn't been a shining light of...
Brad   (08.19.17)
friendship for Israel or the Jews. So, they probably decided to go the whole nine yards and bring in a flood of Muslims to teach Sweden the finer points of how anti-semirism, hatred, irrationality, and violence is done. Now Sweden has to lock up their wives and daughters to prevent Muslims from performing their rape jihad on them. What goes around, comes around.
24. To J P Shore and L Metz
Stan   (08.19.17)
It's not Israel which has caused anti-Semitism, it's the OCCUPATION.

If Israel would negotiate a peace agreement and end the occupation, I can assure you that within two years this "neighborhood will no longer be hostile", and the Muslims in Europe will end their anti Israel activities
25. Roi Birenshtok
Stan ,   Israel   (08.21.17)
You are correct, this is not apartheid. You are wrong, this is a cruel occupation
26. Not Surprised
Tova ,   Canada   (08.22.17)
I am no longer surprised by anti-semitism in any country. I am not surprised about anit-semitism in Israel. There is no different. Jews are known to hate Israel. Majoirity of Jews believe in Israel. I am not surprised. Hatred begins in heart whether Jew/Gentile. Ultra Orthodox Jews are hateful people and commit crimes. They do not support Israel and destroy the heart and mind of Israel. As Jews we are very concerned about anti-semitism. A a Jewish women I am also concerned about anti-semitism amongst the ultra orthodox.

GOD will judge every soul when we die and being Jewish is not a guarantee in heaven. GOD decides who will go to heaven and who will not. It is not being born jewish that one goes to heaven.
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