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Boston Holocaust memorial vandalized for second time this summer
Associated Press
Published: 15.08.17, 08:33
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1. A "Malden" boy? Is that important?
2. President Trump did not invent Nazism or Jew hatred.
C   (08.15.17)
i have lived among nazis, fascists, hard core marxists, cultural marxists,
and even among islamists and zionists.

trump did not invent any of these groups, however much the american
political establishment and the political elite want to demonise him.

the american nazis, the bund, existed in large numbers in the us
during the crucial period of the nineteen thirties. their loyalty was
not to america, but to the third reich.
they filled up madison square garden with thirty thousand bundists.
these people wanted to prevent the entry of the us in a war
where young men were to fight against the nazi beasr
3. In 1938 Hitler was on the cover of TIME magazine.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (08.16.17)
His progeny survives until this day.
The funniest part is Hitler was a Jew and his followers hated Jews as did he.

( of course Hitler also was in the last stages of syphilis and no one mentions that.)

Then there's also Soros another self hating Jew whose family's name was Schwartz.

( does he also have syphilis or, is he just plain nuts?)
4. The delusional American Jew believes that he is safe in
Al   (08.17.17)

Keep on drinking the kool-aid!

America is continuing down the path where the Jews will be called out and even destroyed.

Its happened in greater empires. It can happen in America as well.

History has a way of repeating itself only because new generations keep re-inventing the wheel.

The one constant is anti-semitism..the cockroach of humanity.

Wake up and get out!
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