Raed Salah arrested for incitement: 'You're prosecuting the Quran'
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 15.08.17, 16:34
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1. Why isn't there an accident that can happen to him?
2. his lookalike was executed on the mavi mamara first thing
epo   (08.15.17)
3. Now equating HIMSELF to the Quran
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.15.17)
Not only a fool but the ultimate munafiqun..the arabic word that describes him to perfection

A flatterer of himself and a defamer of Islam

4. Maybe Allah can buy this guy some missing teeth?
BBB   (08.15.17)
It could happen.

It would be a miracle but, it could happen.

Maybe add a brain for kicks.
5. Actually he's right: the diseased Quran is the one that
should be on trial!
6. oh my G-d all of you TBers are a pack of ignorant fools!
Reader of History ,   Israel   (08.15.17)
It is very simple. Raed Salah like Sheik Ahmad Yassin before him is inciting to violence against Israelis.
He needs to be tried, convicted and locked up. Full stop.

(and to all of you exceedingly ignorant TBers - silence! Your ignorance tires everyone. You are nothing but a pack of self-entitled weakling fools, you deserve the prime minister we are stuck with!)

7. Taxi Driver " I dont say you r Apes & Pigs .. Allah does"
IslamIsLove... ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.15.17)
While riding in a taxi in Jerusalem a few years ago the middle age
taxi driver engaged me in a political discussion and began laying
blame for all the problems on Israel and America so I said maybe
it could be that Islam has a few problems to i just heard you
call Jews and others Apes and Pigs .."oh no he replied I don't
its Allah who does" with that I told him to stop the cab I got
out cursed him slammed the door and needless to say
didn't pay him. Its only the Quran you see....nothing personal
8. QURAN? Nope! Just a moron who misuses it.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.16.17)
Too sad that these guys actually fool a whole bunch with their agenda.
9. Yes the "religion" of pedophiles& sickos should be on trial!
10. Prosecute and codemn that book
Avi L.   (08.15.17)
11. Israel "cultivated" Arafat in the insane belief that he
would curb Muslim violence.:-))
Talking about pedophile running a kindergarten....
Same here: instead of providing him with the 72 virgins, we dance a strange
dance with this ghoul, because? ....Another "community leader"?!
Dumb doesn't get any dumber.
12. infos ?
Breuer Jean ,   Brussels, Belgium   (08.16.17)
it would be interesting to know the litigiated statements, instead of political comments
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