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Government yet to give reservists benefits it promised
Telem Yahav
Published: 15.08.17, 18:14
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1. This is just like the U.S. Veterans Administration that is
Rivkah   (08.15.17)
filled with workers who hate veterans and do all that is possible to deny them their benefits. Last time I tried to get a V.A. home loan, it was six months later that they had done little to process the loan and the seller cancelled out. I was eligible for the benefit but those working at the V.A. who are rarely veterans themselves were jealous and their hatred of veterans reflects that. Veterans who get a PTSD pension have to apply over and over and over and over and over again before any hope of getting anything I have been told by those few who were successful in that quest.
2. A shame most vets give their all and most governments
BBB   (10.07.17)
can't keep their promises to them.
Now, if the bureaucrats were the vets...
it would be another story!
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