NIS 1 million raised for policewoman hurt in terror attack
Yael Friedson
Published: 15.08.17, 20:30
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1. How to make a donation by credit card
Donatella Misler ,   Milan Italy   (08.15.17)
Is it possible to make a donation from my country (Italy) in Euro by using my Credit Card? How can I do it?
What happens if my donation will arrive after the remaining 24 hours?
Can you please answer to my email?
Thanks and my best wishes to Tsippi
2. YNet: please give info on how to donate.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.16.17)
The funds needed to make Tzipi's life as normal as possible, for the rest of her life, must be taken from PA taxes held by Israel.

Tzipi's medical care, housing, and income must be paid for by the PA, for as long as she lives. They incite their people to hurt Israelis, they must pay for the results. Netanyahu should just tell Abbas he's taking 10 MILLION dollars out of PA tax receipts for damages. If Abbas and the PA can pay terrorists in prison, they can certainly pay for the damage the terrorists inflict.

Why isn't this being done right now???

Hope you get better every day, Tzipi!!
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