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Defiant Trump insists anew: blame both sides for Charlottesville violence
Associated Press
Published: 16.08.17, 08:57
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1. Disgusting! These people HATE Jews!
Ron   (08.16.17)
This is the President of the U.S.!? Who were the idiots Jews that voted for him?
2. Whatever the facts were, it is prudent to condemn the KKK-
It's ABC of politics. This man is clueless....
3. Strange battles this man picks for himself! WHY, oh why?!
4. trump is sick and dangerous
tomer ,   jerusalem   (08.16.17)
for every jew this "potus" is dangerous .And not only for jews,for everybody.
A sick man with no idea about history,about the world and about his responsibilities and his job. I am very sorry America ,you elected the wrong man.
5. A week of Stalinist Koreans & hysterical Lefties
Cameron   (08.16.17)
Disdain for both.
6. If Dems carry on like this ,US will split apart-like USSR
Alan ,   SA   (08.16.17)
and Yugoslavia There will be a modern rerun of the split that ultimately led to and caused the American Civil War and Balkan split up in 1990s with the sea coast states like NY California etc (who have round about half of US population) alienating themselves from the rest of USA . The USA will split apart!
The media is on to a good thing to sell their trash fish and chips wrapping paper.The media dont sell news ,they are a political party .
7. And Bibi was drolling seeing Donald
Avi L.   (08.16.17)
Bibi our Dear Leader was the one drolling in the presence of Donald the nazi facilitator ...

By the way it's the same Bibi who was droling in front of KGB Putin the iranian ally

That's really bad for the Jews
8. Finally: Stop All Anarchists of America!
This is the first president who knows the street.

There will be a long battle.

The true antifascist president has been born!
9. Yeah right- today's Nazis are the biggest threat to world
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (08.16.17)
peace and not Islamic extremism and terrorism.
The slavers got a final whooping during the American civil war.
The Nazis got a final whooping during WWII
Surely we should get real and realize that unfortunately there is something else in the world today that needs to get a final whooping.
10. Trump is absolutely right to condemn both sides equally
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.16.17)
Both the radical rightists and radical leftists are to blame for the violence in Charlottesville. Both are violent and both hate Jews with the same passionate intensity. Trump is absolutely right to condemn both sides equally.
11. Pssst, just between you&me: White Man IS finished as major
player in the USA.
This is beginning of that realization.
I don't think it has to do with the old racial prejudice of Blacks/other ethnicity being regarded as "inferior".
It's power being lost....and not liking it.
12. The big fight is only beginning. This is what happens, when
a certain world-view, regarding itself as the correct one (don't they all?) pushes and pushes and then pushes some more of its "values" down the throats of masses.....
The pendulum swings back.
Yugoslavia anyone?
13. I completely agree with Trump.
Yoni ,   Jerusalem   (08.17.17)
Both sides are anarchists that adopted extreme ideology to provide them with a proper reason to hate. Both should be condemned and dealt with.
14. Trump is right.
Brad   (08.17.17)
If the lefty nut jobs didn't crash the party, there would've been no violence. Besides, the lefties are at least as racist as the National Socialists(Nazis), and the KKK which came from the democrat party in the first place.
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