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Israeli firm offers 'anti-terrorism' adventure to tourists
Published: 16.08.17, 13:20
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1. excellent idea
geroge   (08.16.17)
should be taught to jews worldwide including congregants in synagogues. instead of cowering in fear, some should carry concealed arms. if faced with mahine gun carrying threats, some should have automatic machine guns. israelis in particular should be armed and ready to shoot any knife wielders to avoid victims ending up dead or paralysed. enough with only prayers to hashem. jews must be armed as the state of israel has clealry demonstrated.

instead of relying on usa and putin, jews must as feiglin said rely more on themselves ie build your own planes like the lavi-its never too late to start.

if antother hitler arise, israel should take him out instead of as bibi does run to the usa and the un begging the world to do israel's work for it.

jews get trained as this course advises, get legally armed and stay vigilant. it is a sin to sit passive.
2. Soon "they" will come to kiss our asses & begging for help.
The clueless will of course stay committed to the "Palestinian"- cause & continue to die like helpless flies, in their own cities around the world.
The less lobotomized are slowly coming out of the daze and realize what's happening.
Will they make it....?
Wait & see.
3. Soon the Religion of Special Needs shall arrange REAL
"happenings" much closer to where they live.
But as long as it lasts: let's make a buck off Islam!
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