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Turkey increasing cooperation with Iran
Published: 17.08.17, 09:39
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1. English say Birds with same feathers fly together
Alan ,   SA   (08.17.17)
2. All in the spirit of the brewing Clash of Civilizations/Race
3. Main issue: cheap, 4 stars, marble-appointed, tourist-kitch
hotels the clueless Israelis can "enjoy" as long as it lasts :-)
4. This Sunni-Shia love affair won't last for long
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.17.17)
5. When the cash disappears so will Turkey
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (08.17.17)
obama thought by gifting Iran billions for all but one hostage, a Jew, he could

sway history in favor of the Muslims.

He was incapable of real though or real concerns

he forgot ( or wasn't taught )

that Muslims earn their 'heavenly stripes' via murder.

Now the two factions of Muslims are slaying one another with ardent fever.

Either way, they lose we win,

6. C don't be too sure
BBB   (08.17.17)
when one side turns on the other all hell breaks lose.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.17.17)
is buying them from Iran & Rusia. He supported ISIS until they could not sell him illigall oil anymore, and now he is buying form someone else. His support for the PALIS is also a stunt show to foll thr dumb Musim masses. Boy, Muslim world is so screwed up.
8. Ezekiel 38!
John   (08.17.17)
9. What so strange?
Avi L.   (08.17.17)
Even before erdoein dictatorship, Turkey sided with Saddam not letting US troops sweep from the north thus allowing insurgency to take hold of northern Iraq.

Then among other islamic deeds, erdotwo gave support to islamists embarking to Gaza and demanded a blood price to Dear Leader Blue Hued Hairdo Bibi who paid promptly like a good dhimmi in exchange for empty verbiage over the gaz fields, installations that will become the lever by which erdodrei will blackmail Israel.

Last but not least chujuksultan will authorize to teach in schools that jihad is and islamic duty.

So what strange that he joins forces with other dirty antisemites?

By the way Turkey and Iran received S300 systems and erdo, as a "good" NATO ally, will keep his systems separated from NATO's.

What so strange?
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