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Controversial White House strategist Bannon out
Ynetnews and Reuters
Published: 18.08.17, 20:41
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1. Flimsy allegations.
Matt C ,   Prince George   (08.19.17)
An allegation made during a divorce proceeding by Bannon's ex-wife years ago, which she later withdrew, is no justification for the vile and baseless attacks in this article claiming that Bannon, a good man and relentless defender of Israel, is now somehow a supporter of white supremacists and anti-Semites (in any case, Bannon sent his children to that school, despite his ex-wife's claim that he opposed it because he called the Jewish kids there "whiny").

In all the years that Bannon has been in the public eye he has never said or done anything to justify that smear and has never been anything other than an outspoken opponent of any form of anti-Semitism. In addition, Breitbart News, with its proudly Jewish CEO and multiple Jewish editors, is no more a "forum" for anti-Semites than Ynet itself is.

These empty accusations come from the same leftist sources who would also label any support for Israel a "far-right" position. Shame on Ynet for repeating them without proof or justification.
2. President Truman hired no one unless the person signed an
Rivkah   (08.19.17)
undated resignation, so President Harry Truman would not have to fire anyone. He would just put a date on the resignation and the person would be out. He fired General Douglas MacArthur since he did not require a resignation from flag officers before they took office. Sorry it didn't work out, Steve Bannon. You were slandered, libeled and possibly perjured by the Deep State that hates President Trump and the USA first agenda.
3. this cholera won't be gone from the Amer scene anytime soon
Rafi ,   US   (08.19.17)
- unfortunately...
4. Democrats, media collaborators attempting bloodless coup
C   (08.19.17)
ever since the elections, there have been calls to assassinate the
he has been maligned viciously, and so has been his family.

why does the press think that keith ellison of the nation
of islam is better than bannon.

the us press has made cause with the marxists and the islamists.
they are playing a very dangerous game.
5. USA is on the verge of implosion. Better to stand back.....
6. Ynet peddling the left 're lies
Deavman ,   Ta   (08.19.17)
The future's orange....
9. Alt Left & its Fascist Media Israels Real enemies
PsychoHatersOfTrump ,   Jerusalem   (08.19.17)
10. And yet paradoxically, Breitbart News is very pro-Israeli
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (08.19.17)
Despite charges of Breitbart News being "anti-Semitic", New York Times accuses Breitbart News of maintaining "a borderline fanatical advocacy for Israel".

How can Breitbart News BOTH be anti-Semitic and pro-KKK and pro-Nazi, and yet be "fanatically pro-Israeli"?

Being in favor of anti-Semitism, KKK and Nazism would clearly CONTRADICT a pro-Israeli position wouldn't it?

Since Breitbart News is very pro-Israeli, it can't be anti-Semitic and pro-KKK and pro-Nazi at the same time.
11. Mark Sherry, FB, it will take the US many decades to recover
C   (08.19.17)
from the vile incompetent leadership of the obama regime.
their corruption, their deceit, their calamitous incompetence,
their bigotry and their insatiable lust for power and material
goods and so much more will lead to a war unless
the powers to be will put a stop to the charade.
12. US "Liberal" Jews & Israeli Left Media create Anti Semitism
USJewsHaveNOFriends ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.20.17)
The American Jewish Community some 70% are virulent haters
of President Trump they side with the Left which is virulently
Anti Semitic (Anti Zionist !! ) I.e. African Hispanic Americans
together with a majority of the "liberal" Left University Crowd
so now they hate those who are left that do support us
that is White middle class American Christians evangelical
and mainstream and how long will they continue to take
the slings and arrows American Jews shoot at them and
we lose them who I ask is left that likes Jews in
America , they are living in a cocoon a bubble that is
about to implode all around them and are too stupid
to see it. Add to this the non stop 24/7 hate of Trump
by Israeli Leftwing dominated media how long before
Trump throws his hands up in disgust at us as well ?
A disaster in the making
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