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Boston gives permit for 'free speech rally', sets restrictions
Associated Press
Published: 19.08.17, 13:15
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1. Boston is "Alt Left Capitol " of the Fascist Left
BostonMindControlCty ,   Jerusalem   (08.19.17)
2. The rally in Charlottesville didn't "spark violence".
Brad   (08.19.17)
The uninvited leftist agitators did. Everywhere lefties go there is violence just like Muslims. The lefty critics of the upcoming Boston rally only fear that somebody besides themselves will be able to speak freely. Lefties can never defend their indefensible positions, so they always default to shutting people up, name calling, yelling and screaming childish slogans, and violence. That woman that got run over was an agitator so good riddance. The lefties never care when Muslims run people over with cars, only when lefties get killed do they care. To hell with the left.
3. Boston Left blindly hates Israel
AntiSemiticBoston ,   Jerusalem   (08.19.17)
The two people who desecrated the
Boston Holocaust memorial were both from
The Anti Israel African American and one
From a heavily Moslem suburb Boston s
Elite University crowd blindly hate Israel
4. Blind hate of Trump driving millions to racist groups
LeftistOverkill ,   Jerusalem   (08.19.17)
Millions of otherwise liberal White Americans
Are being slowly driven into the arms of
White extremist organizations and the
Media is playing a big part in this sadly
Our own Jews are see by more and more as part of this public as part of the Leftist
Anti White anti America hate crowd

5. Let the dice fall where they may. The Hour has come!
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