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'Terrorists planned on destroying Barcelona's Sagrada Familia church'
Yoav Zitun and Associated Press
Published: 19.08.17, 21:47
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1. Well, it's because the Spanish has been dragging their feet
with the construction.(130+ years now!)
So what if they'll have to start from scratch: they're used to it :-))
2. Wow! 3 sites would have been a feraugusto special in Andaluz
Alan ,   SA   (08.20.17)
3. Next time better luck
tiki ,   belgium   (08.20.17)
With Muslim fanatics there is always a next time and a next time after that......until the buildings will come down.

I have always said that Europeans will only wake up when the Eiffel tower & Big Ben will be destroyed......but the beautiful Sagrade Familia will do!

Singing 'Imagine & we will overcome and putting flowers is not the answer.
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