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Rabbinical Courts head questions women's ability to 'understand Jewish law'
Kobi Nachshoni, Attila Somfalvi and Alexandra Lukash
Published: 20.08.17, 17:44
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1. Read my lips: Shut your mouth! (n/t)
Ben ,   Tel Aviv   (08.20.17)
2. Read my lips: separate State and Religion!
Daniel ,   Beer Sheva   (08.20.17)
Only Moshiach can unite State and Religion. Till then, the Ultra Orthodox establishment will only make a fool of themselves.
3. modernize the relgioius curriculum
ed   (08.20.17)
the entire relgious curriculum has to be modernized. right now, the haredi constitute yes a spiritual leader, but dependent and without vocational skills. all hareid and religious have to do idf or equivalent service, must have vocational skills alongside their study. as rabbis say, ultimatley dependent on hashem for security adn defense is illogical and irrational. god helps those who help themselves.

moreover, jews can learn something from every culture. half israelis are certainly valiant patriots with defense skills. the other half are patriotic but lack defense skills and are a dependency on the state. for example, zionist union proposes withdrawals but look at their leaders and their lack of combat skills-gabbay, herzog, lapid, livni, , olmert, ramon. these leaders as israel found out with olmert, cannot properly defend the state.

so jews can learn from arabs to fight tooth and nail and to be fully armed which they are-check their houses-knives, guns you name it, they have it. jews can learn a bit even from states like russia and germany-to assert rights and claims and not to walk around with cup in hand.

jews do not have to be ashamed or apologize.
4. Rav Halbertal arguments
ElishevaM ,   Maryland   (08.20.17)
So it's not ok for a woman to judge because she is 'wired' to judge with her heart but it's OK for a man to judge, though 'wired' with his testosterone! Isn't it that women were created 'ke neged gever' to bring balance to men? The Tsniyut argument is also flawed. Tsniyut is not an issue as long as the upper hand is fully on the man side as B. Kahana-Dror replied.
5. they cant... and... its ok.
epo   (08.20.17)
i think... they cant accept a women among them, on eye level or even above.

it violates their world view. entirely.

you shouldnt force them into something like that, imo.

make a female rabbi for females.
a female court for females . if a female wants to make some claim/decision in court, she may be allowed to appeal the "female court".

since men cant accept females, females should be permitted to not accept males, too.

6. Orthodox Judaism keeps Israel in the 18th century
Stan ,   Israel   (08.20.17)
In matters of religion Israel is not mush better than Iran and Afganistan.
7. Reza Pavlavi, the late Shah of Iran, lamented the skills of
Rivkah   (08.21.17)
women compared to men's skills and said, "Women can't even COOK!" Maybe he was really a Jewish Rabbi in disguise. A lot of Iranians are of Jewish descent. Look at all the Jews in Persia (Iran) in the time of Queen Esther! Must be a lot more there, now.
8. Prosecute him, fire him, send him to work
Avi L.   (08.20.17)
9. read my lips: its in every religion the same
epo   (08.21.17)
same with catholics.

leave them alone.
10. It's time the Jewish people asked for a divorce from the
AL   (08.21.17)
Orthodrek morons. I for one am sick and tired of them. I was raised in their schools. At the time they were quite normal. Today they are insane.

If we allow it they will lead us straight into the gas chambers as they did in pre WWII Europe.

They told their flock that America was theif and that going to Israel was out as the Messiah didn't come.
11. Women Understand Halacha
Tova ,   Canada   (08.21.17)
The only thing right about this article is Chief Rabbi will always be a man. GOD chose Aaraon as the 1st high priest of Israel. Moses the 1st leader of Israel following Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Kings of Israel are all male. It is man the chooses it is GOD who has chosen the role of male/female. GOD always has women in very high esteem. Women are considered Royal to GOD. Women must learn Torah equal to a man's learning. It is the women of the house hold who must teach the children when the husbands go off to battle. A women's intelligence is to equally with men as GOD has instructed. Let not the Ultra Orthodox destroy what GOD has given to us. Surely you know the story of Dvora the prophet of Israel. Surely you know Miriam. GOD gave women intelligence and no man has the right to deny women the right to learn.
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