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Lebanon, Hezbollah and Syria launch two-pronged attack on ISIS
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Published: 21.08.17, 09:16
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1. they are all enemies of the jewish state
C   (08.21.17)
the islamic state and its affiliates will lose territory. however, it will not
be completely defeated in the near future.
the islamic state will continue to wage guerilla warfare against syria
and lebanon for a long time.
furthermore, the islamic state will continue to carry out terror
attacks in europe and the west.

iran and its vassals syria and hezbollah pose an existential threat to
israel. their weapons are more advanced than thought.
their combined forces are large and willing to die for a
nothing cause.

israel must defeat the shia crescent in the very near future--before
they acquire nuclear weapons and long range ballistic missiles.
the shia terror regime has made it abundantly clear that its
primary goal is to destroy israel.
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