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Barcelona attacker killed by Spanish security forces
Ynet and News Agencies
Published: 21.08.17, 21:00
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1. He is now in the worst place in hell for mass murderers.
2. What a mistake
Eduard l'hebreu ,   Barcelona   (08.21.17)
Dear Yediot Aharonot readers, all the islamic terrorists have been killed by Mossos d'Esquadra (the catalan police).The spanish police have disapeared, they did nothing (one more time, the spanish government is useless gor catalans: no surprise, lots of us want to quit Spain).
3. This is what Trump means by fake news. Fake news are ...
Zippy's Use Cars ,   Hempstead, NY   (08.21.17)
narratives for which no physical examinable provable evidence exists. They are just stories designed to some political justification.
4. Killed/not killed: the Euro-dhimmis are chasing mosquitoes
instead of draining the swamp.
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