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Moon begins blots out the sun in historic US eclipse
Associated Press
Published: 21.08.17, 20:42
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1. The is the first of two solar eclipses that cast shadows
over the USA, seven years apart. It is a harbinger of judgment for the nation. Anciently, a solar eclipse shadow was cast on Ninevah when Jonah the Prophet warned they had 40 DAYS until Ninevah would be destroyed. The King put on sackcloth and ashes and repented with the people of sins and abominations. The heavenly Father then allowed judgment to be delayed for many years because of repentance. President Trump MUST declare a National Day of Repentance for the nation to mourn and repent of sins and abominations like the same sex marriage ruling by the US Supreme Court a year ago. When a solar eclipse shadow fell over the Ottoman Empire and Eastern Europe, it was a harbinger of the end of the Ottoman Empire and WWI. On September 21, the U.N. will have an International Day of Peace with the theme PEACE AND SAFETY. Scriptures warns that when they say PEACE AND SAFETY, sudden destruction comes!!
2. is admitting they sold counterfeit solar eclipse
sunglasses they did not know were counterfeit. Thousands of people may go blind from that.
3. Fake Eclipse....anyone?
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