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Reversing course, Trump commits to open-ended Afghan war
Published: 22.08.17, 08:17
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1. Afghanistan of all places? Who cares?
2. So be it
Cameron   (08.22.17)
We all knew this was this was the most likely scenario.
3. President Trump did not have a choice
C   (08.22.17)
afghanistan is essentially a failed state which is a prey to all manner of
jihadi terrorists. the major goal of these islamic terrorists is to
carry out terror attacks against the united states and other western
states. indeed, the islamists are at war with the west, even if
the west will not acknowledge this fact.
the most recent attacks in spain were carried out mostly by
men of moroccan descent who had a good life.
their actions were motivated by islamic political ideology.

an afghanistan left to its own resources would be overwhelmed
by various jihadi terror groups which would engage in huge terror
attacks against the west.
furthermore, afghanistan borders lawless regions of nuclear
armed pakistan. no one should forget that bin laden was
found in a pakistani military town.
it is most unfortunate that european leaders seem indifferent
to the well being of their citizens and prefer to cater to
the recent attacks in spain, as well as in findland, were carried
out by men of moroccan descent.
these men belonged to a large, well funded and trained
terror group controlled by the islamic state.

4. President Trump: This is why we are in Afganistan, the same
Rivkah   (08.22.17)
reason the US was in Viet Nam: to protect the mafia's poppy fields. The Taliban stopped farmers from growing opium poppies, so the US intervened to help the mafia to get its dope to markets via CIA planes. By the way, if you want to stop ISIS, then stop the CIA from paying them, so that that problem goes away. But like Steve Bannon said, the Trump Presidency is over as far as the missions he was elected to accomplish.
5. "Nobody knows if or when that will ever happen," he said.
Alan ,   SA   (08.22.17)
Exactly the same with Pal Peace-nobody knows if or in Afghanistan they must ALSO continue to "mow the lawn"
6. If Israel hands over J&Sh in "peace deal",the PA will be out
Alan ,   SA   (08.22.17)
in 3 months and Islamofascists like ISIS,Hezballah or Hamas or similar will take over control.....Just like what would happen if USA withdrew from US has inherited
the job of keeping the bad guys out of Afghan.So has USA got to work with Israel or else have another Libya or Sinai in J and Shomron
7. At last a President with a sensible foreign policy
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (08.22.17)
Well done President Trump
The start of a foreign policy that is sound
No more kicking the can down the road like your predecessor
No more eloquent speeches with no action-like your predecessor
No more backstabbing your allies like your predecessor
8. When it came to foreign policy Obama was out of his league
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (08.22.17)
Withdrew from Afghanistan too early causing a resurgence of the Taliban
Withdrew from Iraq too early causing the formation of ISIS
Couldn't defend his own red-line in Syria causing America to become a joke that allowed Russia and Iran to expand.
Obama was just pathetic - nothing to do with the color of his skin.
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