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Iran says only 5 days needed to ramp up uranium enrichment
Associated Press
Published: 22.08.17, 11:18
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1. IRANian General Iran's man of the
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.22.17)
Stop panicking about Neo Nazis and start worrying about Iran's nuclear threat
2. We knew that Obama lied, and his fiction writer so admitted
C   (08.22.17)
the entire so called iran deal is fake, made up by liars and deceivers.
there was never a scintilla of truth regarding this fake deal.
ben rhodes, actually boasted and laughed in our eyes
when he admitted that he lied to the press and to the people.
iran is playing a very dangerous game.
3. Iran and the west
Jez ,   Netanya   (08.22.17)
Obama was not stupid. He knew as did his myriad of advisors that you cannot stop a country like Iran becoming nuclear without going to war. He also knew that the agreement would mean the day it ended Iran would become nuclear. He had sufficient confidence in |American and western technology to know that 10 years (13 actually) would enable the development of an excellent missile shield which would render Iran and north Koreas nuclear arsenal harmless to the west. The ideas was originally Ronald Reagans - remember him. Yes its a high risk policy but so is going to war against these two rogue states. Taking out one is insufficient , they both have to go or develop defence technology.
4. Iran saw what happened to Iraq and Libya who gave up nuclear
weapons program, but the fate of Iran will be worse: Elam (Western Iran) will become uninhabitable and the people will have to migrate to all nations, Scriptures warns. Damascus will be destroyed as will Saudi Arabia. But there is much to be thankful for. The mercies of haShem have averted WWIII for 23 years so far which is confirmed by ELS Scripture codes and Russian defectors like Stanislav Lunev (former KGB Colonel) in his book Thru the Eyes of the Enemy. Pray for peace in Yerushalayim and give all of Yerushalayim and Palestinian territories to Israel and relocate all Palestinians to Arabic speaking nations and WWIII would be delayed since that would show respect for haShem's Word in the Scriptures. To do otherwise is to call haShem a liar.
5. And it'll take 3 minutes to "enrich" Iranian soil...!
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