US remains concerned over freeze of Kotel egalitarian area plan
Amihai Attali
Published: 22.08.17, 14:46
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1. USA has no business commentsing on domestic Israeli policy
Shep ,   Memphis   (08.22.17)
What's next, Israeli PM Netanyahu telling the USA what to do with Confesderate Statues? Butt out USA, you have your own issues to deal with. I am a reform Jew and i'm offended by the fact that reform Jews don't have a space - yet - but this will get worked out by Jews FOR Jews.
2. No Jews-Christians on the Temple Mount- where's the outrage?
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (08.22.17)
Why attack your fellow Jews when the elephant in the room is clearly the violation of basic human rights on the Temple Mount
There's would be plenty of room for everyone
3. Mr. President
Eli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.22.17)
Mixed gender at the Kotel is just like mixed gender in your army. Secondly, Israel is NOT bound by the American Constitution. We have our own religious laws.
Have you not got any neo-nazis to worry about?
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (08.22.17)
Worry about your own stink before you go smelling others....
Some folk are confusing Kotel with Korea ,they really should concern themselves with Korea and leave the Kotel alone.
7. US is against non-Muslim prayer on Temple Mount
Zushi   (08.22.17)
Firstly dont we already know that the State Department report from this year is mostly a copy of last? Was reported but I never double checked.

Hypocrites. just like this movement,

The courts also ruled that Jews LEGALLY may go up to the Temple Mount (even to pray?, that is international law, freedom of religion), but the police were given a choice and decided it causes too much violence.

Does that mean if the orthodox and ultra riot over this is wont happen??

Why dont these same people support Jewish rights on the Temple Mount??

I support Jewish and Christian right to pray and go onto the Temple Mount, I support Reform right to have their area and expand it but not any official control over the Western Wall Plaza and I dont see the need.
Jews fought for decades if not centuries for the rights to a mechizah etc. This group with their new religion IMO need to acknowledge that.

I am an athiest who studied halachah in some depth growing up. No personal religious interest.

The Reform is a tiny minority of Israelis, The large majority dont support them, they are clearly political, while saying the Bible and Talmudic laws are not gods word they seems to complain about not being able to practice laws and traditions which were created by the Rabbis and books they so deny.

Noone speaks of the Wakf and all the evidence of terrorism, incitement, violence, destruction of archeology?

Most US Jews vote and support orgs, governments, leaders, who/which are hostile towards Israel and its interests. They dont care about our security only their political agenda. Its not about reform vs orthodox but liberal foreigners against local conservatives. Just like most other conflicts in free society today.

Isnt another word for those who try to suppress the democratic will of the people fascist
8. US hypocrisy is endless
C   (08.22.17)
how about muslim countries forbidding the building of churches and
synagogues, or even prayers in private.
how about laws of apostasy resulting in death.
how about a thousand lashes in saudi arabia for sexual indiscretions.
how about the murder of infidels in the islamic states.
how about honour killings in among muslims.
how about the violations of all humanitarian laws in islamic states.
how about the sexual slavery of little girls in the muslim world.

is this outrageous interference in the affairs of the sovereign
jewish state the official policy of the trump administration,
or is this a left over policy of the obama regime.
in any case, the policies at the kotel, israel's holiest
site, will be determined by sovereign israel, not by a foreign state.
10. The Wall is Man & Women
Tova ,   Canada   (08.23.17)
GOD gave Israel to men/women. Not orthodox, reform, eagletarian or any other group. Judaism is male/female. The ultra orthodox do not have rights to decide who prays. GOD created male/female. both pray, sing, and dance before GOD in times of celebration. in times of mourning the pain is felt by both male/female. If the orthodox doesn't like well too bad. GOD has spoken. GOD has given male/female a brain to use. a voice to speak, And in case the ultra orthodox it is through women that GOD gives birth.
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