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Love of soccer brings together Jewish and Arab kids
Published: 23.08.17, 09:46
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1. Very nice!
cfspirit ,   Fr and Dz   (08.23.17)
Keep go on.
Do the same for adults!
2. Irrelevant.
Brad   (08.24.17)
Muslims view Jews as pigs and monkeys. The Koran tells Muslims not to be friends with Jews and Christians because they are friends with each other. The Koran tells Muslims to kill Jews and Christians. In Islam, it's ok to lie, and it's ok to make believe you're a friend to a non-Muslim, as long as you're not, in order to advance Islam. So, it doesn't matter what the kiddies are doing on the soccer field. The surrounding Muslim nations want to shove Israel into the sea, and we know this because they have said so. Wake up!
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