Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
High Court left with fixing government's foolish decisions
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 23.08.17, 15:22
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1. 3 y old child forbidden to use water fountain on Temple Moun
Zushi   (08.23.17)
The level of insanity and hostility towards Jews is amazing. Even from the Israeli government.

A Jewish child was forbidden from drinking at a water fountain on the Temple Mount while you can see in the video a Muslim woman using the tap.


Why not speak of these foolish decisions instead of ignoring them?

2. US Jews a dying community dont let them dictate here
DeathOfAcommunity ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.23.17)
"Repent repent the end is near" as the saying goes but it looks like
its too late for American Jews with over 50-70% intermarriage
producing Jews with no Jewish historical memory or baggage
synagogues increasingly empty now Reform is filling
its pews with non Jews ditto its pulpits
with only the Orthodox holding
the fort some 10-15% only growing but not enough to save
an entire commuity. As the American Jewish Community
goes into decline it would be a serious mistake to adopt
their customs i.e. Reform which was in very great part
the enabler of all that is happening . Why take a failed
experiment and reconstitute it over here among
healthy Jews doesn't make any sense. The most
secular Israeli Jew is more connected to Jewish
Civilization and tradition than the average Reform
or Conservative American Jew another fact We
Israeli Jews are now an embarrassment to
many American Jews. As they assimilate they are becoming outright hostile see the websites of many Reform "Temples" many now have
removed the Israeli flag in them. Another generation
and Halahic Jews will be a very small minority there
don't bring a bad habit home.
3. How lucky for us (and Yemini) that we have REAL government:
The Supreme Court!
Boy what a disgrace to the very idea of "democracy"....
4. Talk about separation of powers
Big Yossi ,   Israel   (08.24.17)
It's just marvelous that the unelected Supreme Court justices are able to legislate laws. In the U.S., "the world's greatest democracy," this is not possible. It's called separation of powers. The judiciary cannot legally do the job of the legislature. Of course, this is nothing new in the "only democracy in the Middle East." But, it's worth realizing that whenever the courts are allowed to govern, to make laws -- it is another retreat from democracy. Just to refresh our memories: "democracy= demos (people) cracy (rule). i.e. "rule of the people" -- via elected representatives, not by unelected judges.
5. I wouldn't sweat what American Jews think.
Brad   (08.24.17)
Most American Jews are socialists and/or pro-Palestinian, just like Yemini. You see, American Jews don't have to live surrounded by a Muslim zoo. Not yet anyway. Yemini seems to always lean toward whatever puts Israel at risk, to obtain a peace that never comes. This time he used the EU kangaroo court of human rights as an example to follow. The EU court is populated by Fabian-socialists who have their faces welded to islams rear end? Yemini sure doesn't study history, or else doesn't care.
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