Netanyahu to Putin: Iran wants to take over Syria
Published: 23.08.17, 18:41
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1. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.23.17)
ha! ha! just what Putin wants so he can step in to exert his influence in area.
2. Excellent. Netanyahu gives Putin marching orders on Iran.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.23.17)
If Putin wants to remain a player in Syria he has no choice but to dance to Netanyahu's tune.
3. take out enemy bases and factories yourself
ed   (08.23.17)
stop running around like a chicken without a head. take out iranian factories and based yourself-you damn coward.
4. waht a moron
hy   (08.23.17)
putin is in bed with iran and hezbollah yet bibi gives vladmir secret information which he simply passes onto israel's enemies.bibi cannot see this because he is scared. it is obvious to anyone who has ever fought. bibi's cowardice in the fight is legendary. he demeans israel's strength and deterrence.s tep down and tend to your wife who will likely be indicted.
5. Luckily we've got Experts in this forum!
6. S400, that's Putin's answer
Avi L.   (08.23.17)
"Putin did not address publicly Netanyahu's remarks" but his silence said S400.

Dear Leader Bibi can pester as much as he wants, Putin won't give a damn thing.

And the more Bibi's pestering the more he shows he cannot do anything else.

Bibi hadn't the guts to end Hamas, no more than that criminal of Olmert had.

He won't have it to start a war with the USSR.
Nor Donald will let him.
7. Putin knows full well that Iran wants to take over Syria
C   (08.23.17)
putin also knows that trump will do nothing about it.

israel has very little time to defend against the shia terror axis.
8. Bibi should thank his Neocon friends in the US
shachalnur ,   amsterdam   (08.23.17)
It was their idea to invade Syria in the first place,so Israel got what she wanted.
Don't worry,all will be fine,just the Greater Israel wet dream is finished.
Iran are decent people ,and will guard your Northern borders.
The enemies are Saudi Arabia,Rothschild and Rockefeller.

IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.24.17)
Otherwise the petro money money would stop flowiing to his bank acounts. Iran may attack, but will not get far. Time for IDF to really get tough and show the power like 6 day war. Mullahs can't stop now for 2 reasons: 1. their bad economy 2. to save face after coming this far. Hillary and Obama really were not freinds of Israel.
10. keinon says bibi told putin that israel will attack
jon   (08.24.17)
i do not believe that bibi told putin israeli will attack in force if iran tries to take over the golan. i do not believe it. rather i think bibi pleaded with putin to restrain iran and hezbollah.
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