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Actors join forces to restore ancient Jewish cemetery
Itamar Eichner
Published: 23.08.17, 22:51
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1. The dead are no threat.
BBB   (08.24.17)
But those who desecrate their graves are more than evil.
2. The villagers in this rural area didn't save ANY Jews ?!
"Nice"Neighbors ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.17)
The villagers didn't save any of their Jewish neighbors in
This mountainous rural area ? surely there were many hiding
Places I'm sure there's much more to this story
3. More than 2,000 children under 16 were murdered
NoOne2trustButUs ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.24.17)
a little research turned up that 7,000 Jewish men women and
children were sent to Treblinka of which over 2,000 were
children under the age of 16 nearly 600 under the age of 5
and no one in the town helped them only 4 Jews from there
survived if not for the cemetery you would never know these
Jews remnants of the faithful expelled from Spain in 1492
ever existed on the towns Wikipedia site it mentions only
"the Jews were killed or immigrated to the US" Once
again evidence that we can really never rely on anyone
for our safety but the Jewish Homeland of Israel.
4. Khan
Asparuh ,   Sofia   (08.24.17)
It was under the Bulgarian Fascists occupation the Jews of Bitola were rounded up and shipped to Nazi death camps. The Bulgarians are so ashamed that they tried to censor the film The Third Half which showed a true story of a Jewish lady who fell in love with a Macedonian who hide her from the Bulgarian Nazis in Skopje.
5. Macedonia/Gaza
Tova ,   Canada   (08.27.17)
These are the same people who seek to destroy Israel. These were the people who came from Aegean Sea long before the Roman/Greek empire. These were the people who the Egyptian fought against over 3 thousand years ago. These are the people who are called Palenstians. Today Greek Government and Mecdonia and the whole Aegean Region refuses to allow them to return. Jewish peopulations around the world have a Jewish history attached to it. Even the United States/Canada owe their freedom to Jews. Abraham Lincoln even made it known the Jewish population were to be unharmed during the civil war. Ulysses Grant hated the Jews and wanted them killed along with the blacks. And GOD saw and GOD anointed Abaham Lincoln as President. for Lincoln understood the success of a unified American was GOD's chosen people.
6. Leftist Tel Aviv Jews restore graves of religious Jews
Just4PR ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.28.17)
Like the Macedonians and Germans the Tel Aviv theatre stars " would hate these same dead Jews if they were alive today because they
were no doubt proud religious traditional Jews everything that
these actors and actresses are against how ironic this looks more
and more like a PR stunt which Tel Avivians are famous for
ever hear of "Tellabluff" ?
7. They were probably shamed into helping by the non Jews
"TelaBluffers"HaBima ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.28.17)
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