Trump's Middle East envoys in Israel to continue peace efforts
Elior Levy
Published: 24.08.17, 08:56
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1. As long as somebody else pays for the hotels&food let them
"make efforts".
Only a suicidal idiot would negotiate the details of one's own demise with the murderous doctrine of Islam.
But hey: knock yourself out, boys.
2. Acts like victors & our "Palestinian" problems disappear
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.24.17)
Many self serving people want their name attached to peace talks. The easiest way for an insignificant politician to get talked about is to participate in these talks. But "peace talks with Palestinians" are poison for Israel.

These talks always lead in one direction; pressure for insane Israeli retreats from major parts of our sole tiny Homeland. Jordan already occupies almost 80% of our Homeland, and these sick talks are aimed at getting Israel to surrender much of our tiny remnant.

In addition, these talks always result in huge spikes of "Palestinian" terror, since our mortal "Palestinian" foes rightly see Israeli participation in the farce as a sign of weakness. Our other foes, such as Iran, also understand this.

"Palestinians" are Israel's mortal foes. Nothing could be more obvious. It has been obvious since before Israel's birth, when 'Palestinian" leaders, such as the Mufti of Jerusalem, collaborated with Nazis to mass murder Jews. It is way past time for Israel to end this dangerous farce once and for all. We are victors. "Palestinians" are our vanquished foes. If Israel acted like victors, our problems with "Palestinians" would quickly vanish.
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