Successful Israeli tourism video to compete at the UN
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.08.17, 19:56
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1. Mr
Leslie ,   south africa   (08.25.17)
Really pretty gal..remember much else about the video - Greece was it ?
2. Every day Anti Israel Groups arrive on "Hate Israel Tours"
StopTheMadness ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.02.17)
Every day groups of Anti Israel church and others deplane and
begin their week long Hate of Israel Tour led by Arab Israeli and
West Bank guides and Arab Israeli and West Bank Drivers given
daily lectures at places like the Anti Semitic "Bethlehem Bible College"
so much so that bizarrely Israel has become the no 1 platform
for presenting Anti Semitism and Anti Zionism all with the
help of the Ministry of Tourism which supports such rabidly
anti Israel "Tourist Sites" as the Arab Christian/ Mennonite
"Nazareth Village" which encourages tourists to visit it
and where its guides slip in their hate of Israel and Judaism
usually at the reconstructed "synagogue" there.
and the office there of the Anti Semitic Mennonites slip in their hate Israel website to them . Chelm a Nation of Fools ? How to encourage
national suicide presented by the Israel Ministry of Tourism !
3. Israel prefers Secular Tourism to Religious Tourism
TelAvivTourism? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.05.17)
For years chaos has ruled in every aspect of Israeli
Tourism no clear directives but it is clear that the
emphasis is always on Sun Fun "The Holy Land"
We are now on the "Gay Travel Map" the "Nude Beach
Map" "The Tel Aviv Bars never close Map" despite
the fact that potential for tourism lies in the more
than 2.5 BILLLION Christian Tourist market but such
is secularism so strong among our leaders that
they would gladly sacrifice them in favor of
Hedonistic Tourism with ads of Jewish women
in near nude bathing suits and revelers drinking
in the bars of Tel Aviv and the bar nightlife
of .....Jerusalem . Just who and what are we ? a
bad copy of any Western Country is that the goal ?
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