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US rabbis protest Trump by dropping holiday conference call
Associated Press
Published: 24.08.17, 20:57
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1. This stupidity is going to leave Jews friendless in America
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.25.17)
Obama allowed Iran to become nuclear, encouraged the U.N. to demonize Israel and attacked Israel in many other ways. Would these same rabbis have greeted Obama during the High Holidays? OF COURSE, they would have done so eagerly.

Yet they refuse to greet Trump, who, so far, has been nothing but friendly and supportive to Jews and Israel. These rabbis are really dumb and self destructive. This kind of stupidity is going to leave Jews friendless in America.
2. Reform and reconstructionists don't much like Israel either
David ,   New york   (08.25.17)
Please check out "rabbis for human rights" and other reconstructionist organizations.
THE fact that these people hate trump only speaks well for president trump
3. US is a nation of Laws. Trump was absolutely correc.
Ben ,   Harrisburg   (08.25.17)
Yes, the Racists are stupid and ignorant etc.. etc;.., but in the US we have this concept of free speech, and despite the hateful rhetoric from the fascist LEFT, these Racists had a permit and full rights to march and spew their asinine ideas. The anti-marchers who came in with baseball bats and glass bottles did not have a permit. It is as simple as that. Both sides were in the wrong, the first for their ideas and for allowing themselves into a fight and the second (The leftist morons) for starting and engaging in a fight. Free speech doesn't mean just free speech you agree with! Just because you disagree with the marchers, does not in any way shape or form give you the right to physically assault them. As to the leftist (Centrist my butt) "Rabbis" that indicated they would not join a call with Trump. They have long lost any credibility on moral and religious grounds. They are now simply useful tools of the Democratic National Committee. They are political entities first and foremost, religious leaders..not so much. They have sold their faith to the progressive left ideology.
4. Mr.
Louis ,   Jackosnville, FL   (08.25.17)
This is a bold faced lie. The President never and has never supported racism or antisemitism. These rabbis should be ashamed of themselves.
6. They believe in the imaginary Friend, for God's sake:
what do you expect, common sense??!
7. I bet that's got him all torn up
david ,   hadera   (08.25.17)
8. Rabbi's with 'principles.
tiki ,   Belgium   (08.25.17)
Pity they weren't so 'principled when Obama had a go at Israel for 8 years and Jewish students have been the favorite target of harassment on universities.

These 'liberal & leftist Rabbi's are some piece of work!
9. Are the Rabbi's democrats?
BBB   (08.26.17)
They apparently aren't aware that the KKK was started by Democrats.

10. # 6 and we all believe in Israel and it isn't imaginary, pal
BBB   (08.26.17)
11. # 3 tiki AMEN!!!!
BBB   (08.26.17)
12. Some Rabbi's should have their heads examined.
BBB   (08.26.17)
they act more like failed politicians than religious leaders.
13. Friendless in America American Jewry
WhoseYourFriend? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.28.17)
half of the US population African American Hispanic Americans the
University BDS crowd and their brainwashed students lead the
Anti Semitism in the US who are left ? only those they hate
White Anglo Saxon American Christians the foundation of
American society and no matter how much that community
supports Israel the American Jewish Community demonizes
them even Dershowitz says so and he sees disaster ahead
if American Jews don't get a hold on themselves with their
blind hate of those that support them and that includes
President Trump the Jews in American are quickly
being pushed in a very dangerous and friendless corner
and its of their own making
14. Rabbi's decision
Bill Bender ,   Granada Hills   (08.29.17)
I disagree with both the Rabbis' decision to boycott a phone call and their characterization of the President's remarks. They are always telling their congregants that in order to preserve "shalom bayit" they should work out their differences by discussion, never go to sleep angry, etc. In this case, they are doing exactly the opposite. Our "bayit" is our country and peace among us should be the overwhelming objective. If they would have instead had looked forward to the phone call instead of "dissing it", they could have made a better statement to our community and our nation.
15. And the real Rabbis already slammed the so called Rabbis
Joseph ,   USA   (08.29.17)
So nothing to fear
16. Finally Orthodox Jews come out in support of the President
NeedMoreVoices ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.30.17)
Finally the Orthodox world and rabbinate in America woke up and
got off their fanny to defend the best friend Israel or Jews could
possibly ever have a little late but better than not at all , what
were they waiting for ?! It is a miracle there are any friends
left of Jews in America the irrationality of their "leaders"
the "Rabbis" of the Left of what dwindling barely existing
congregations excuse me "Temples" the rabid Lesbian Gay
Transgender "rabbis" led " Reconstructionist " Newsweek
listed a year or so ago the most influential rabbi some
Rabid Feminist Lesbian " Reconstructionist " "rabbi"
If these are the leaders " American Jewry's history
is sealed and doomed to disappear . More rational
voices are needed to put forth the views of millennia
old Jewish Traditional and Faith to the general
American Public. It looks like money power and
ego became the new "god " of American Jewry
the Larry David's the Seinfeld's' and their arrogant
ilk have dragged the name of the Jewish people their
through the mud for too long , interesting to see
what the final "credits" will read
17. Reform and reconstructionists good for nothings
David ,   New york   (09.07.17)
They also happen to be virulently anti-Israel

E.g. "Rabbis for human rights" (reconstructionist)

Good thing is they are dying out:
Intermarriage by reformed and reconstructionist is nearing 100%
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