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The odd couple behind the weekly anti-Netanyahu rallies
Associated Press
Published: 25.08.17, 21:57
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1. I love it when an Uber Bloodsucker (a lawyer) dresses up for
"the occasion" in a T-shirt and becomes one of the "people/boys" itching to overthrow the government.
I bet there is a role for himself (Yaniv) in the future JUST and PURE& SNOW- WHITE government they're planning to conceive...?
2. the vendetta against Netanyahu
tiki ,   belgium   (08.26.17)
The fired maintenance man & the frustrated lawyer, together in a forced marriage.

We all know this is going to end in a tearful divorce.
3. A janitor and an attorney.
BBB   (08.28.17)
One cleans floors and toilets the other cleans out your wallet.
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