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Jewish human rights organization rebukes German magazine for Trump 'Nazi salute' cover
Assocaite Press
Published: 25.08.17, 19:30
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1. KKK started by Democrats
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (08.26.17)
the same ones now represented by
1- Peres who has Turret's syndrome
2- Ellis a US Muslim.....

And, they can't for the life of them figure out why they lose.....
2. As if The German Left loves Jews & their homeland hypocrites
TheEverScaryGermans ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.26.17)
There is no worse enemy than of the Jewish People than
todays German Media print or electronic not long agon
on RTL a major German Station doing a report on Morocco
"The King of Morocco's financial adviser is " ein kluger Jude"
" a clever Jew" People don't change in 80 years except here
its Anti Semitism from the "progressive Left Liberal German media"
3. Same nation court ruled attacking synagogue not antisemitic
Zushi   (08.26.17)
4. This is obviously a fake cover
Eithen   (08.27.17)
You can see it by the fact he has normal sized hands in the photo
5. Shows how low an opinion/total lack of respect the German
"pishers" have for this POTUS.
WOW, imagine something like that done to Obama or Clinton!
Trump has to do something to prove he's The Man, otherwise they'll ridicule him to death.
Question is: is there really any cognitive power behind the orange facade?
6. The face of racism in Israel Avram Porat Kibbutz Mizra
HomegrownHate ,   Jerusalem   (08.28.17)
Last Saturday nights protest rally in Petah Tikvah revealed once
again the ugly self hating Jew of the Left right here in Israel
as Avram Porat of the pig breeding Kibbutz Mizrah anti Semiticlly
attacked a religious Jew telling him to cut his beard and take
of his "rug" kippa all I could see was the photo of the Nazi
soldier in Germany cutting the beard of a religious Jew before
he would murder him Ah the progressive liberal peach and love
7. Good for Stern
Gershon ,   Toronto   (08.29.17)
Calling out Mein Trumpf for who he really is, a racist, nazi supporting, misogynist, bloviating pumpkin. I am disgusted by his jewish cabinet members, Menuchin and Cohen, still standing with him. Netanyahu is no better for not denouncing der little fuhrer immediately. Trumpf is not friend of Israel and only has concern for 5 jews in this world, Ivanka, Jared and their 3 children. The rest of us are just prey for his Neo Nazi brethren.
It is imperative that we all call Trumpf out for who he is. Remember the words of Martin Niemoller.
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
8. KKK begun by democrats
BBB   (08.30.17)
Germany birthed Nazism led by Hitler who was in the advanced stages of syphilis.
9. Germany has soem nerve!
BBB   (08.30.17)
Their Nazi party murdered millions of dead Jews, Priests, gays, and the mentally ill.

We soundly kicked their Nazi's asses to hell where they must stay.
10. KKK started by Democrats.
BBB   (08.30.17)
Nothing much has changed.
11. # 7 and obama was a Jew hating Muslim.
BBB   (08.31.17)
thank G-d he's gone.
12. "Deutschland Uber Alles" Uber the EU for sure
KeepAnEyeOnGermany ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.01.17)
Don't be fooled the Germans are the same Germans 80 years
doesn't change a nations character , the seemingly have
learned nothing many of the towns and cities of Germany
on Wikipedia skip completely over the Nazi years in their
areas yes they are rewriting history they jump from the
Weimar Years to " after the Second World War Period"
no mention of their Nazi past no mention of the fate
of the Jews in their towns and cities. The EU is in
fact "The Fourth German Reich" they have conquered
once again Europe using economics this time , the UK
saw this and made a wise decision not to be another province
of Deutschland . If Germany or Japan ever become a nuclear
power which for sure they have the ability of doing God help
the world both countries are closed and racist.
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