Opinion  Nahum Barnea
When it comes down to it, love should trump hate
Nahum Barnea
Published: 25.08.17, 23:44
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1. Huh? Did Trump actually "support Neo-Nazi rally"?
Keith ,   L.A.   (08.26.17)
Trump said was the trouble/violence came from many sides, and there were "good people on both sides". Do we know for sure that in that rally against statue removal there were no good people? Does that mean there could be no good people at one of those Black Lives Matter rallies where they are chanting, "Fry the pigs like bacon"???
2. Drama queens
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (08.26.17)
3. Charlottesvlle City Council membrs are Neo-Nazis
Oleg ,   Milwaukee   (08.26.17)
I have couple questions to all of those who are condemning Trump support for Neo Nazi rally.
Where in the whole world did you get that he supported them? And why you are not screaming about Charlottesville City Council who allowed this to happen in the first place. Aren’t they suppose to be Neo Nazi themselves? And City Mayor KKK member? What do you want from Trump? City allowed and gave a permit. They are provocateurs or nazists themselves. Choose what you want.
4. Trump is dangerous to jews.
DOV ,   USA   (08.26.17)
He sends a looser son in law to negotiate peace. Makes promises he can never keep. Wake up jewish Trump supporters. He is not the messiah. Stop worshipping him. He is an ignorant populist and a racist. Definitely not a president.

5. Oy Gevald
Oy Gevald   (08.26.17)
I love it when people tell others they have to resign for moral reasons.
6. Of course that Imbecile Barnea identifies himself with other
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.26.17)
7. Only Beautiful Souls can affords such narcissistic attitude!
8. They look so progressively handsome in that picture..
9. Denegration of physical appearance
N ,   N   (08.26.17)
I can't help but despise what the Washington Post is doing towards Mr. Trump: the denegation of his physical appearance. That's no better than Nazi-fascism: The good-looking "Herrenmenschen" against their ugly-looking enemies! Even in an article that is about Mr. Macron's make-up they can't refrain from despising Mr. Trump: "Ironically, Trump’s makeup does more harm than good, creating raccoon rings around his eyes and infusing his skin with an aura of orange. It reveals what’s rotten underneath instead of covering it up." (Google WP article: "Emmanuel Macron’s $30,000 makeup scandal hides a much bigger blemish") >>rotten-underneath<< in context with make-up i.e. skin/physical appearance, what a hateful language.
10. love and hate
yaseer   (08.26.17)
will never be right and wrong .i love my son and many times i said --you are wrong >.i think love and hate of nations is infectiouse but right and wrong is thinking which is little in these techno-life
11. They want Ivanka to sit Shiva over her father
C   (08.26.17)
how despicable these jews are.

they are pompous liars.
trump does not support nazis.
12. Totally Misguided
Benji ,   US   (08.26.17)
Not President Trump or anyone in the Trump administration supported the Charlottsville Neo-Nazi rally. This is beyond absurd. Deal with the fact that Trump won and move on.
13. Not our fault
Lauren ,   Israel   (08.26.17)
It is misleading and dangerous that Michael Chabon blames Jews for Trump. Most American Jews are liberal Democrats who didn't vote for Trump and don't give a shit about Israel. They voted for Hillary, or they didn't vote ( and that's a problem).
The anti semites on the left and right will get around to blaming the Jews for Trump.Chabon doesn't need to .
The election of Trump is a mistake which has to be corrected. But he's not our fault.
14. The demented democrats
should remember they started the KKK.

They have much to regret if they sober up and take stock which they can't.

They now are headed by

1 - Peres who has Turret's syndrome

2 - Ellis a US Muslim.
Not w winning team.
15. Trump & Republicans are friends. Democrats are mostly foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.28.17)
The situation regarding Jews and Trump could not be more clear cut and simple. Since he became president, Trump has been nothing but supportive of Jews and Israel. A large majority of Republicans are also supportive of Israel.

Democrats, on the other hand, are mostly foes. Obama and Hillary Clinton are extremely hostile to Israel, if you judge them by their actions. Actions are the only rational basis for judgment.

Almost every pro-Israel initiative is begun by Republicans. Almost every anti-Israel initiative is begun by Democrats. Jews and Israel have a simple choice. Support or friends or support our foes. There is only one sane answer.
16. Barnea helps Israel's enemies constantly.
Brad   (08.28.17)
And it wasn't a neo-Nazi rally. It was a straw man rally. Both sides were actually on the same side and they were all paid.
17. fake news
eugenio ,   los angeles   (08.28.17)
Trump never supported the Neo-Nazi rally
Im not saying this to support Trump just to expose how Fake News is created
this is just propaganda
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