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Study: W. Europe had less than 1% of terror victims in 2016
Published: 26.08.17, 09:52
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1. are we supposed to be happy?!
C   (08.26.17)
their job is not yet done.
2. Will family/friends of 238 be comforted by this statistic
Alan ,   SA   (08.26.17)
3. Oh, now I see: the Future lies in ....France/Germany!
Robert ,   Israel   (08.26.17)
So far, for what I read, this article means that the assassinated people in the hands of terrorist muslims in Europe, represent "nothing" compared to other assassinated ones, also by muslim terrorists, in other parts of the world. So, I can conclude: A world without islamic terrorists would be a much better world. What are we all waiting for?.
5. None of the attacks should've happened.
Brad   (08.26.17)
If western governments didn't allow the attackers in, in the first place, they wouldn't have happened at all. Just like in the U.S., Muslims get preferential treatment before and after they murder someone.
6. Thank G-d Trumps in charge
BBB   (08.27.17)
obama loved Muslims as he IS a Muslim and allowed many terrorists into America with his illegal opening of US borders.
He should have been thrown in jail or sent to a Kenyan jail.
7. Bertram, London
BB   (08.27.17)
Perhaps if YOU had guns you'd have less Islamic terrorists?
8. Bertram Stop defending Islamic terror.
BBB   (08.27.17)
You can't win the argument.
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