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National security aide Sebastian Gorka leaves White House
Published: 26.08.17, 10:24
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1. Gorka should have never been part of this administration
C   (08.26.17)
the man was born in the uk to hungarian parents.

when he was twenty two, he moved to hungary and worked for
that country's defence department.
subsequently, he moved to the united states and wormed himself
into various national security positions.

what was this man doing in hungary working for that country's
defence department for many years.

there is no rational explanation for this man's general behaviour.
2. how many more of the "best people" will be leaving, then?
Amalia Bye-Tita ,   Israel   (08.26.17)
After all 45 did say that he only surrounds himself with the "best people" so how does it happen that so very many of them are just up and leaving? or are they being fired? What's the real story here?
3. A. Benassi, look Gorka up, u have no idea who u r endorsing
4. Trump needs to fire McMaster now.
Brad   (08.29.17)
And he needs to reinstate every advisor McMaster fired. Dredge the damned swamp already, Mr. President.
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