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US ambassador rebukes head of UN peacekeepers in Lebanon
Published: 26.08.17, 11:03
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1. & for her support the Israel media & US Jews will damm her
PostZionistViolence ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.26.17)
The Likud has miserably failed in providing or working to provide
a truly Zionist pro Israel major media instead preferring to let
the extreme left Post Zionist media rule the day because of
....ratings and $$$$$ therefore sacrificing the majority of
Jews in Israel to the altar of Post Zionist Post Judaism
anti Trump hate. Whats left of American Jewry is probably
headed for disaster the last bastion of support for Israel
and Jews is being tried beyond endurance by the majority
of American Jews hate of them I.E. White middle class
American Christians some 100 million plus in exchange
for their support of the most Anti Semitic Americans
African Hispanic and the BDS University crowd.
American Jewry's future is truly in danger brought about
by its own misguided allegiences
2. A general. But Irish... no further comment needed
Andre ,   Clichy   (08.26.17)
3. Beary, beery, mulberry, who cares? Irish 6'packer dumbo
Andre ,   Clichy   (08.26.17)
4. Haley is right.
Brad   (08.26.17)
UN "peacekeepers" have been allies of Muslim terrorists for decades. Let's not forget about UN "peacekeepers" raping the innocent, just like their Muslim buddies.
5. A welcome change under TRUMP Obama Bush failed here
Israel'sBestFriend! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.27.17)
The US State Department hopefully is going through a radical
change thanks to TRUMP such a statement would never
have been made in the last 50 years or more !! Yet the
Israeli Left dominated media and the majority of
American Jews continue to debase him and endanger
the security of Israel bizarre beyond belief . Someone
needs to inform the Trump Administration that Israeli
Jews are overwhelmingly pro his Administration and
that the Israeli Media does not represent them and
would he please help establish an alternative
electronic media here as our "leaders" irrationally
wont !
6. US must with hold all $$ to the UN
BBB   (08.30.17)
then watch them disappear like an unpaid hooker.

The UN is trash.
7. overtime at the fudge factory
arcaneone ,   mevasserat ,Israel   (11.17.17)
The peacekeeping mission, known as UNIFIL, dates to 1978. It was expanded after the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah so that peacekeepers could deploy along the border with Israel to help Lebanese troops extend their authority into the south for the first time in decades.

Haley has said the United States wants “significant improvements” to the peacekeeping force, though she said Friday that doesn’t mean changing the overall mandate but rather some language.

“It’s time the Security Council puts teeth in the UNIFIL operation,” she said. “We don’t need to be giving terrorists a pass.”
Discussions are ongoing, and it’s not clear how keen the council will be on the US approach.

Russia’s UN Ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, said Wednesday that the mandate should be renewed as is and added that other countries had voiced the same view during a council discussion.

French Deputy Ambassador Anne Gueguen, whose country is in charge of drafting a proposed renewal, said Wednesday it was “of paramount importance for the stability of Lebanon and the region, and in the best interest of all, that UNIFIL keeps its mandate and is in a position to fulfill it.”

The present UNIFIL is a replacement of the original UNIFIL. The prime purpose of both original and the new, "robust " UNIFIL was to keep Israel
from attacking southern Lebanon and to keep Arafat's Palestinians and
private Lebanese militias from attacking Israel and dragging Lebanon into
someone's personal conflict.

From the beginning, it was clear that the UN had no intention of creating a
viable buffer for southern Lebanon. It permitted Arafat to use southern
Lebanon as a maneuvering zone, and as well to draw Israeli fire onto
Christian towns in southern Lebanon.

When Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, and was certified by the UN
to have relinquished all the Lebanese territory it had held, Hezb, the self-
described "resistance", lost its raison d'etre. No "occupation", nothing to

Hezb solved this existential conundrum by claiming that the borderland of
Chebaa Farms, which remained held by Israel, was Lebanese territory. In
this ploy, Hezb was supported by Syria, although until that moment, Syria
had claimed Chebaa Farms as its own.

The obvious purpose of Syria's switch was to take Chebaa for Lebanon ,and
then to force Lebanon to turn it over to Syria. But the UN refused to go
along with this ploy, so the Syrian and other anti-Zionists were left holding
an empty bag as a rationale. Not that that postion is untenable; the purpose
of many Arab stands, including on this issue, is not logical or moral, but to win simply by mobilizing and maintaining the force of their useful idiot

The UN passed Resolution 1701, demanding that all private militias disarm.
All acceded to this limitation, except for Hezb. The purpose of this
regulation was to prevent private militias from running the country for their
own benefit, as Hezb did in 2006. But, neither Lebanon nor the "international
community" wanted to try to bell that cat, so Hezb was left in indirect
control of Lebanon and a direct menace to the Lebanese state.

Now the "robust" UNIFIL cannot freely examine areas it finds suspicious.
If it suspects a ship is used for smuggling, it cannot halt the ship and
search it; it must notify the Lebanese government which will then itself
carry out the search, assuming there is anything left to find after what may be hours of delay..

That is what ,"French Deputy Ambassador Anne Gueguen, whose country is in charge of drafting a proposed renewal, said Wednesday it was “of paramount importance for the stability of Lebanon and the region, and in the best interest of all, that UNIFIL keeps its mandate and is in a position to fulfill it.” means, and it is a sham pure and simple

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