Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Obama chose dishonor, and Israel will have war
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 26.08.17, 23:35
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1. owner
jos rechtman ,   los angeles   (08.27.17)
giving to the Palis would not have changed the conditions on the ground. it is another "obama" false hope. If we cannot survive, there is only us to blame.
2. Obama was always going to do what he did fits his world view
Zushi   (08.27.17)
3. Descent reporting! With a little correction.
rt34   (08.27.17)
Iran is the minor player, Russia is the conductor.

Israel wake up! The enemy is Russia.
4. if this "writer" could make up his mind
david ,   hadera   (08.27.17)
First, it's "Israel will have war"....then it's "Israel might have war".
Sheer profundity
5. ben dror and obama
arieh   (08.27.17)
obama and kerry cut the deal because they were not going to war for 2 main reasons-

1)usa was tired of wars in themiddle east

2) Obama was totally moslem in his sensibilities towards the arab world in particular and had no intention of attacking irana.

the main problem is not enlisting putin who of course will do nothing to thwart iran. the main problem for israel is that since ariel sharon's passing, they seem to have no leader who will go on the attack. take a look-ehud barak was a disaster as pm and not much as defense minister as his experience was not good as a battefiedl general but rather small commando operations. olmert was scared still, doesn't know how to fight and nasrollah ran over him like a dead duck. peretz was out to lunch. then bibi came along and contrary to his commando background, he is not an attacking soldier. he like herzog builds fences and hides behind them while pleading wiht putin or trump to stop iran from encroaching the golan.

the jewish people forgot history. there was no one to help us. now we hav ethe guns and the army. once we are preapred to attack and not in a proportional way as recommended by othres, but in a disproportionate brutlal fashion, once that becomes obvious, iran will get themessage. moreover iran is scared of its own people.

ben dror is dead wrong when he says if bibi had done more on the palestinaian track, then the world would do more to thwart iran. bull-they will do nothing.

idf and the pm have to clear the golan of anyh opposing trooops and remove arms factories period. bibi cannot do this -he is too weak. bennett, feiglin for sure can do this.

only then will iran back off. they will not back off if bibi remains or gabbay or lapid take over. they will go in for the kill.

stop dependingi on others. get your forces ready and act instead of yapping 24/7.
6. Obama, EU & the Arabs were/are on the same page.
tiki ,   belgium   (08.27.17)
"Without that little shitty country full of Jews the world will be a better place".

In their eyes Jews are a nuisance, an irritant menace to society and without them the world is easier to handle.

International terror or war.....Jews remain Public Enemy Number One!

Never make the mistake to underestimate that fact.

Throughout the centuries nothing has changed, not even the wording.

7. obama again
wiz   (08.27.17)
Always blaming someone else. Maybe ur friends from saudi should not have started isis to bring iran to ur door step.
8. war is inevitable
C   (08.27.17)
the israeli defence establishment, as well as people like meir dagan, are
much to blame.
they have refused to acknowledge that israel was and remains standing
alone. indeed, israel has always been alone facing enemies.

obama and the little clique surrounding him cared only about securing
this fake, dangerous deal with iran, irrespective of the real
consequences. obama's fiction writer, ben rhodes, admitted
in a nyt interview that he lied to the press and to the american
people regarding this deal.
the utterly cowardly american congress allowed obama to
do as he pleased rather than demanding that he submit
this deal for approval as a treaty by the senate.
all parties knew that ratification by the senate was

putin will do nothing to stop iran in its roll into syria.
putin cares only about putin and about russian power.

iran's foreign minister is the biggest liar and propagandist
since goebbels. he even dares to claim that iranian
troops are not in syria, and that iran does not use
foreign troops in syria.
yet, it is known that there are shia troops from iraq and
afghanistan in syria.
furthermore, it is an absolute fact that the holocaust denying,
genocidal regime in iran, keeps threatening the jewish
state with annihilation every few weeks.
neither the un, nor the eu, nor even trump, make it
clear to this rogue regime that incitement to genocide
is a crime against humanity.
iran has been allowed to collaborate with the assad regime
in its genocide against the syrian people.
if the shia terror state is bold enough to carry out
genocide against sunni muslims, then their threat
to annihilate the jewish state must be taken very
seriously. israel cannot wait any longer to push
back the genocidal shia terror regime from its
borders. nor can israel accept under any circumstances
a genocidal iranian regime with nuclear weapons and
the missiles to deliver them.
9. Only a resounding defeat will convince Islamo-Nazis, that
Israel is here to stay.
That war HAS to be fought, better sooner than later, when/if Muslims have nuclear capabilities.
What exactly we're waiting for I have no idea!
10. Looking at photo of O&K,I cant believe the mess they left us
Alan ,   SA   (08.27.17)
11. Its advantages, they claimed, outweigh its shortcomings.
Alan ,   SA   (08.27.17)
-according to Israel Defence establishment( Unlike what Bibi preached to US Congress/Senate and in all the media )
12. Mistake in the article
Dan ,   Amstersam   (08.27.17)
Churchill said that over Chamberlain
In the article it says Britain over Churchill.
13. obama the worst Anti American Anti Israeli president ever.
BBB   (08.27.17)
History will confirm obama was a Manchurian Candidate owned and praised by

Soros sponsored madness

both are demons .

No matter G-d chose Israel above all nations.
14. Israel WINS wars.
15. Dror understates Obama actions. Treason rather than dishonor
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.27.17)
16. the lowering of US in the world
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.27.17)
Obama was no friend of Israel and although Trump seems better, in reality he as a president seems to screw up time and time again.

I think the US is going to sink down into a very problematic place if there is no change soon.
17. Netanyahu is to blame.
Gunnar ,   Poland   (08.28.17)
The last couple of sentences captures it accurately, Bibi Netanyahu became a nuisance to the international community, and especially to Israel's allies. The whole world know what the (unspoken) deal to Israelis was: "You need to give us something on the Palestinian issue if we are to do anything on the Iran issue".

Netanyahu gave ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, on the contrary. Hence came the Iran deal in 2015. How can anyone be surprised?????
18. Is this really Yemini?
Brad   (08.28.17)
He's actually talking some sense here. He's not 100% right but I'll take it. But it's wrong to blame Trump after all of the crap that Obama pulled. Trump is constantly undercut by the RINO republicans and Obama wood ticks in the beauocracy. He still needs to drain the swamp and burn it.
19. Bibi the worst Israeli PM
sheik ,   usa   (08.28.17)
YA YA YA, blame Obama all you want. Hezbollah had tens of thousands of missiles before Obama came into office. Israel had an opportunity to destroy Hezbollah in 2006 but it was afraid to fight or go balls deep into Lebanon. It took the USA 21 days from across the world to remove Saddam and his government from power. Are you going to tell me that the world's self proclaimed (IDF) strongest Army can't destroy Hezbollah? Or are they afraid to fight? Iran is Israels problem. Not America's.
20. great analysis... meanwhile Trump Admin is also doing squat
Rafi ,   US   (08.30.17)
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