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Lebanon trying to stop construction of Iranian arms factory in its territory
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 27.08.17, 10:40
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1. Wednesday-Bibi informs Putin.ThursdayLieberman warns Iran
Alan ,   SA   (08.27.17)
Robert ,   Israel   (08.27.17)
If Lebanon accepts an iranian weapon's factory in their soil, this will most likely lead to the total destruction of their country in a very near future. They should never underestimate their Jewish neighbour.
3. Putin said -I own all your bases
Avi L.   (08.27.17)
Putin said "I own all your bases"

Putin succeeded in becoming the one who decides who is the winner between Israel and Iran.

Putin could decide to close an eye letting IAF destroy those plants, and Iran won't be able to do anything about it, thus making clear his negotiational weight.
By the way Donald could learn from his master what is real bargaining in the real world, were there are no bank bailouting serial failures like him.

Or Putin could decide to dwarf Israel's strike knowing that he would speed the start of the next war, unleashing a wave of religious fanaticism that he won't be able to control.

Probably Putin hasn't any "grand plan", instead he pushes into any cracks he sees, taking advantage of any opportunity or weakness he finds around, in order to take hold of the chessboard.

It's not about Hariri, Nazrallah or Khamenei or Bibi or Donald.

It's about Putin.
4. What happened to the Maronite Christians of South Lebanon?
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (08.27.17)
Ethnically cleansed or murdered
Hizbolla is not the defender of Lebanon, it is the virus that has taken over the body
5. Isr must go ahead acting in its own interests. Forget Putin
Alan ,   SA   (08.27.17)
Every few months Bibi is running to Putin like to his rebbe for an "aytzer".
Putin has miserable 40 aircraft in area (I think) and that S300 thing...Is Putin going to attack Israel?I dont believe it.He doesnt want wars so close to the Southern Muslims of Russian Federation.Certainly not with Israel.And certainly not after spending so long trying to defeat Daesh. If Iran COMPLETES that Factory and brings those famous Shia mercenaries to Golan, Israel must hit both very very hard.There wont be a war.It will be like the destruction of Syrian and Iraqi atomic startups. Lot of noise but silence.afterwards.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.28.17)
There is no country called Leabanon. Give it an Iranian name and get it over with. The best this kid can do is to give locaiotns of these places to Israel, and let Israel clean them up. The drims of teh war is good for the IDF since there are bunch there that like the miliraty contracts. The same on teh mullah side. Any war is great. as long they get rub the country in teh name of defense. We should thank CIA and carter for creating the mullahs and ruining teh ty of prosperity of generations in Iran. Democrats are as much war lovers as Republicans. They voted for VN war and they approved the installation of teh mullahs, Libya, Syria and now the latest one is Afghanistan. The moral of this comment is " who the hell cares". Just try to make money as much as you can and enojoy every second becuase you don't know who is ]plannign to ruin your life for their own interest.
7. what's Kirk Douglas doing in Lebanon??! Oy Vey!
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