Lieberman: We must not repeat mistakes made in Shalit deal
Moran Azulay, Yoav Zitun, Ahiya Raved
Published: 27.08.17, 13:12
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1. Many of us poster guys said NOT to go ahead with any swap
Alan ,   SA   (08.27.17)
for Shalit. .Do readers remember. We were not just bloody minded . We knew what mahyhem would ensue.The Security people said it would be fine and they could cope.Every day we were reading "what would you do if it was your son" Supporters were camping outside Bibis pad..Look now what a mess.The damage of that swap is incalculable!Now we invited to do another swap for IDF fallen men's bones.
2. mr
Jeazn Breuert ,   Brussels Belgium   (08.27.17)
I'm not familiar with the past news from Israël. Tell me why did those 3 Israëli citizens enter the Strip of Gaza ?
3. grab the leaders of hamas,t heir familiies and tradee
james   (08.27.17)
israel should be grabbing key hamasniks and hteir families and hold them for a trade. that is one approach.

the second approach is to destroy gaza key infrastructure until body released.

bibi doesn't have the guts to do it and never has. sharon could do it, bibi and his critic ehud barak could not.

lieberman who can be tough but acts like he is putin's poodle. hamas understands force and nothing else.

bibi's wife will be indicted, of that i am nearly certain. he won't stay in office beyond 2018.
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