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Conan O'Brien in Israel to tape special
Ran Boker
Published: 27.08.17, 18:43
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1. The Amber One has arrived, rejoice all ya faithful!
2. Conan and his hat .
anny ,   jerusalem   (08.27.17)
You are " gingi " ,Mr O Brien -so am I -we don't have a choice but to wear a hat under that Israeli sun (I don't mind looking like an old woman ,that's what I am LOL)
3. Bless Conan he didnt fall into the Leftis Media Trap here
Conan"sComonSense ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.01.17)
When the Leftist Israeli media tried to get him to make an
anti Trump remark he said yes he has lots of material if
wanted to use it but instead he would rather see a calming
down and a stable America rather than continuing to divide
the nation through the pop culture media attacks on Trump as is done by
so many there bless his common sense and heart !!!!
He also made a very respectful visit to our Prime Minister none
of this I am sure went over with the Leftist dominated media here
or in US
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