Opinion  Eitan Haber
We didn't retreat. We gave it up for peace
Eitan Haber
Published: 27.08.17, 23:44
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1. Is a traitor one who supports those who openly call tkill us
Zushi   (08.28.17)
2. What have the Palestinians ever done for peace?
Zushi   (08.28.17)
3. If Jordan or Egypt were 5km from population centers missiles
Zushi   (08.28.17)
would fly. There are plenty of Egyptians and Jordanians who would attack Israel if they were able/closer.

The Jordanian parliament praise, protect and support terrorism against Israel. They are quite open about it. What would Egypt be if Morsi has stayed in power? Not sure exactly how ┬Ępeace" with Egypt and Jordan giving up land made things better. What do they give Israel accept we probably wont invade you?

Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS are throughout Jordan and Sinai things can change very quickly.

Anything given to the Palestinian would be considered retreat how do some people not get that. Again the Palestinians openly admit this each time they get something, when they are asking for more.
4. Imagine someone callin for an ISIS or Al-Qaida state. Crazy.
Zushi   (08.28.17)
5. Even our closest ally cant be counted upon - look North Bord
Zushi   (08.28.17)
They just gave another $300m to the UNWRA which is basically a terrorist organization by this point in all definitions. Firing rockets from their property, storing weapons, teaching children to be child soldiers, and perpetuating the issue they were created to supposedly solve. Their existence creates child abuse.
Still funding Palestinian terrorists in jail.
Still funding numerous so called NGOs which openly support terrorism incite violence and call for the destruction of Israel.
Allow rampant antisemitism throughout US campuses in the guise of free speech. But supporters of Israel or some other subjects are shut down violently if necessary since some disagree.

Israel must stand strong and make it clear they will not accept a terror state in its midst unless anyone can give a real agreement which can make this impossible? Without foreign entities to be relied on like Gaza-Egypt Border, Sinai, and Lebanon where they ran away each time.
If the above cant be guaranteed lets talk if not than Israel has no interest in giving anything to the Palestinians who have done nothing ever for peace.

We all know Arafats speech on Oslo by now. Abbas is no different of his own admission.
6. "Peace" with Islam has been put to pasture, isn't it time
for Haber to do the same?
This is embarrassing, so I don't think we have to "criticize" this Old Tool for his never changing views.
He is fact resistant to the bone.
7. Haber, we know you'll babble about "peace" till your last
breath, so please: spare us from repeating yourself ...
Your heroes, Rabin/Peres doomed close to 2000 Israelis to death by treacherous, undemocratic Oslo signatures, so it is clear that you will never accept the blame (part of it).
8. A Noble idea
Michael Lipshutz ,   Melbourne   (08.28.17)
The OP-Ed is a noble idea but wholly unrealistic. A Unilateral giving up of territory without an all encompassing Peace Treaty will do no more than embolden the Palestinians from seeking even more. To dater there is no partner for peace.
9. Give up Eitan Haber to make room for a pal "refugee".Without
ab   (08.28.17)
settling of whole Israel with these "refugees" there'd be no "peace" and Haber knows it.
alan claman ,   Jerusalem   (08.28.17)
Reminds me of the story of the boy who wants to go out with a girl
He brings her a present and then he asks her " to date. " She says "NO"
He asks her one date to go to the movies she says "NO "
He asks her for coffee she says "NO"
He says to her " OK let's just get married "

She says " are just stupid? I don't want anything to do with you - I just want the presents. " THEY DON'T WANT TO DATE!
11. Bibi must change his mindset
Stan ,   Israel   (08.28.17)
Haber does not say "get up and leave the occupied territories". Bibi thinks that he can continue to play the world like a juggler. At present Israel is the military, technological and economic super power in our neighborhood. This is the time to sell our shares in the conflict with the Palestinians. At this time we can make the best deal possible for Israel. All of you, and you are the majority, think that a peace deal will endanger Israel's future. I on the other hand know that the continuation of the occupation threatens a future for my children and grandchildren in Israel.
12. Some facts about recent Israeli history
Stan ,   Israel   (08.28.17)
1. In 1972 Egypt's president Anwar Sadat said that if Israel withdraws from all of Sinai, Egypt will sign a peace agreement with Israel. Israel's leaders Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan preferred to continue colonizing Sinai. So instead of peace we got the Yom Kippur War. Thousands of Israeli soldiers were killed and tens of thousands suffered Post Traumatic Stress. After winning the elections, our new prime minister Menachem Begin signed a peace agreement with Sadat. In 1982 Israel returned all of Sinai to Egypt. There have been no act of hostility by Egypt since then.
13. Enough from this idiot!
Jay ,   Calabasas   (08.28.17)
I am sick and tired of reading this garbage from Eitan Haber.
He is in complete denial. Gave up land for peace and did we get peace.
Shame on you Eitan.
14. Retreat=Peace? Only Imbecile Haber can spew such idiocy.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.28.17)
15. RE:"We didn't retreat, we gave it up for peace."
Robbie ,   san francisco   (08.28.17)
One would expect more from someone of Eitan Haber's background. A very poorly thought out & rationalized article. To whom exactly are we to give these lands & what concessions are we to get from the other side?o A durable peace is to be negotiated & not be comprised of unilateral concessions from the victorious side. A better strategy might be to present the other side with a deal: economic development & territorial adjustments in exchange for complete disarmament & security to be policed by Israel.
16. man sitting under tree, face scratched, bleeding nose, black
epo   (08.28.17)
eye and bushes of hair ripped out.

comes an UN employee and says: Go and divorce your wife, then you can sit peacefully under the tree and eat the fruit.

"And what am I doing now?"
17. does this writer have alzheimers?
david ,   hadera   (08.28.17)
because he has a severe memory problem
18. it was not a desert
huda   (08.28.17)
it was full of trees sad that it is not a desert but no one feel the peace with or without the money under or on the trees
19. Jewish delusions
C   (08.28.17)
in the united states, the reform and conservative rabbis keep insulting
president trump, calling him nazi, fascist, racist, antisemitic. they will
not talk to him for rosh hashana greetings.
they prefer obama and his iranian fake nuclear deal. they prefer is
rasputin, valerie jarrett, and his puppet keith elison of the nation of
islam. they ignore the presence of the marxist van jones,
formerly of the obama administration, pontificating from
a major american news channel.
these so called rabbis pay no attention to the rise of the
very dangerously jew hating antifa movement and its various
permutations, including black lives matter, etc.
they never said a word when former israeli ambassador
michael oren was prevented from speaking at american
university campuses by those who since have morfed
into antifa. they keep worshiping obama and his creatures.

in israel, people like haber rewrite history and tell us fairy
tales. they tell us, falsely, that israel gave up land for peace.
oddly, they give us only one example, the sinai. but even
the sinai is an iffy proposition given that presently it is
full of islamic state murderous jihadists.
now haber's delusions tell him that if israel were to give
up part of the holy city of jerusalem to the sunnis, and other
sovereign israeli territory, then the shia terror regime would
presto, by miracle, give up its obsessive desire to
destroy all of israel and annihilate its population.
yet, even haber himself admits that iran is on israel's
doorstep, right there in syria, while its terror proxy
hezbollah is occupying lebanon.
of course, russia cannot be left out of the equation.
regardless of claims by some, putin is not israel's
friend. russia and syria have just integrated their
air forces.
yet the jewish delusionals on israel's left would still
be willing to relinquish jewish territory on the golan
in order to please the saudis.
for the first time in over two thousand years, jews
have a sovereign nation and a jewish army and
air force and navy and intelligence services to defend
the jewish state. but the raconteurs of fairy tales
would rather seek the love of hate filled enemies
and relinquish parts of the city of davis, seat of zion.
our beloved martyrs, and especially our precious
children, did not sacrifice their lives so that once again
the delusionals should throw away the little protection
we have for the sake of enemies of zion.
20. Oh really? Play it along
History buff ,   San Francisco   (08.28.17)
What will happen if Israel relinquishes Judea and Samaria?

- Arabs will bring in 2-3 million new residents ruining the environment.

- Arabs will insist on bisecting Israel to connect Gaza with West Bank.

- PA will be replaced with Hamas

- Hamas will bring in every weapon system imaginable from Iran and North Korea

- Any crazy Arab and/or Muslim with an anti-Semitic bend will be welcome in the new state.

- Daily acts of terror will become the routine in the Israel proper without possibility for the army to respond.

- And Israel will be surrounded by the enemy just as before but without the defensible borders.

All of this for what? A friendly editorial in NY Times? A dubious alliance with Saudi Arabia King? UN resolution or two that will not blame Israel for every ill in the world for two weeks?

No thanks!
21. A choice
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (08.28.17)
Either a continuation of war or the creation of conditions for peace. This is not a choice between 'left' and 'right' since in this context those terms have lost all meaning. It is a choice between the politics of fear and the politics of hope. It is understandable, from most of the posts here, why many would wish to follow the path of fear. It does not require real thought. It is similar to the parent who believes that constantly hitting a child is the best way of obtaining the desired behaviour. In the short run, this may work, but in the long run simply stokes up resentment and revenge. Fortunately, a good many parents do not follow this path. Israel is a victorious, nuclear-armed nation-state - isn't it? - yet so many believe that its actions should reflect the position of victim. It is about time that this cloak of victimhood was discarded and replaced by one of victor. The downside of this is that it carries a responsibility to others. It should be racalled that the WWII allies smashed the Nazi regime but not Germany as a country (even though it continued to exist in two halves for some time). The West knew that a prosperous Germany would serve the interests of the world as a whole. Likewise, Israel must be preserved, but it should also participate in the survival and advancement of its neighbours, most impofrtantly the Palestinians. If only for the Israel's own interest.
22. Only Imbecile Haber retreats for non existing Peace
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.28.17)
23. Bertram the Blind
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.28.17)
The "Pals" are getting everything they need from the West...and do not budge one inch in their desire to kick the Jews out (aka not giving up an inch of what they want). The "Pals" are not Germans or French or any type of Westerner. They are Muslims wanting to return to their days of glory. Open your eyes.
24. Israel needs govt. dedicated to unlimited J/S building
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.28.17)
America's leftist media does its best to hide the fact that America is now undergoing a patriotic revolution. In the last federal election, Republicans won 86% of the counties in America. The Democrats only won on the coasts and a few metropolitan areas. Overall, America is almost Republican red coast to coast. Destructive Democrat positions on everything from gun control to illegal immigration are being widely rejected.

Israel also needs a patriotic revolution. Thankfully, death wish cretins like Eitan no longer govern Israel. But they still exert tremendous destructive power in the media, academia etc. Israel needs a government completely dedicated to unlimited Jewish building throughout Judea and Samaria and total rejection of the evil fiction of "Palestine".
25. Gave it up for peace huh?
Brad   (08.28.17)
Ever since 1948, every time Israel gave up anything for peace, they only received war and demands for more concessions. They will receive the same things now.
26. if u had kept sinai and give away palestine everyone happy?
epo   (08.28.17)
27. At least Bertram tries to sound "serious/educated and fair"
when proclaiming his "Haberisms"...
Never fails to amaze me, but that's how the Universities around the globe are full of "Bertrams": only in Academia can you convince intelligent people of any idiocy otherwise unpalatable to the simple, primitive and dumb Trump-voters :-))
28. Bertram: keep polishing that turd, who knows, one day...?
29. The Delusional Left almost killed us all
NeedProZionistMedia ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.31.17)
Israel is in dire need of a pro Zionist Media one that
totally believes in the justice of a Jewish Homeland
and quickly as many young people have been
brainwashed for a couple of generations to believe the opposite
if someone doesn't quickly take charge of the
educational system and the media we are doomed here
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