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Netanyahu tweets humorous video for his 'friend' O'Brien
Gahl Becker
Published: 27.08.17, 23:42
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1. I'd meet The Amber One before meeting The Orange One!
2. I don't get this comic - Conan !
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.28.17)
As an American, I really don't like these jokesters.
They have no sense of humor, to me.
Only the ability to say what ever they want in a sarcastic 'funny' way
and trying to sound witty - which they are not.
3. Wow! see-through as ever - hypocrite and self promoting bb
doda ,   givatayim   (08.28.17)
4. Comedy used to mean laughs
BBB   (08.28.17)
now, it's become a generic catch all for those wanna be comics that don't get giggle or twitters.
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