Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Our heart is with the Goldins, but they're wrong
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 28.08.17, 21:30
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1. So deceitful Gazans are to enjoy Israeli hospitals ?
ab   (08.28.17)
Otherwise Hamas'd become "more popular" ?!
Who cares ? Let Gazans croak without help of Israeli dhimmi doctors and scribes
2. Hamas calls for global genocide on Jews why appease them?
Zushi   (08.28.17)
3. creative ideas and ben dror
ian   (08.28.17)
ben dror is wrong to associate the goldin andshaul families in any way with folly.i do agree that those who entered gaza on their own have some responsibilyt. soldiers are a different story. lieberman who has been good on some things is a bit stupid when it comes to prisoners just as he was dumb to suddenly adopt john kerry's concessions.

creative ideas have been knowsn for along time since sharon's days. you grab or kidnap enemy soldiers like lotan said 200 to 1. not only soldiers of the enemy,but famillity members of leaders of the enemy. then you trade them since that s what arabs do-lob sided trades.

the reason that this has been done during bibi's reign is that he didn't think of it and he doesn't have the gutls to carry it out. he doesn't think in those term.leiberman also has no hinted at that to show what a dunce he is. he will not be defense minister in bennett's govt that is for certain. as for the high court and their bending over backwards for the enemy, we need some new judges with a more law and order slant.
4. The right kind of pressure
Joseph ,   USA   (08.29.17)
Definitely do not release any terrorist that is alive. I think withholding the remains of terrorist id's a fair pressure tactic. Hold their bodies until they release or suppositories remains. Is not that difficult.
5. It should be obvious to any six-year old, that one should at
least TRY to exercise to the maximum any force one possesses opposite one's enemy.
looking at Israel's actions one must come to the conclusion that we've got NO FORCE whatsoever!
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