Nasrallah: Netanyahu's crying over ISIS's surrender
Roi Kais
Published: 28.08.17, 22:51
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1. Russki shill Neselsky at his agitprop
ab   (08.29.17)
Hezbollah arose as a reaction to occupation of Lebanon by Palestinian gangs. Was enabled by Sharon' s defeating of Palestinians there and besides fighting Israel keeps pals contained in camps in Lebanon,
ISIS is another matter ,its leaders are former Syrian and Iraqi Army officers,trained in Mocow and intimately known to Russia.
SIS is convenient to Russia .
2. makes sense... "delivering it sanitized and cooked"
epo   (08.29.17)
you must admit that israel surely cant want a stabilized region.

a stable region with peace and growth amongst the neighbors is dangerous for the occupation.

and possibly, you will see it as a threat to your country since there is hostility.
3. moisherabeynu
moishe   (08.29.17)
a demagogue needs stupid believers that will swallow his garbage. unfortunately there is an abundance of such stupid people in the area. killing each other and destroying property takes priority over building a prosperous and democratic society. you can't make peace with such people.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.29.17)
You idiots killing each other before you can get to anyone else is the perfect script for us. A few nice and big targets in TEHRAN and specially in Jamaran will deter the filthy mullahs from making any threats to Israel. Iran is big enough and has plenty of targets to hit. Israel is small and easier to defend. The mullahs know this, and their daily empty threats are just garbage.
5. well done .......
steve s   (08.29.17)
After a courageous three day battle, Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army claim to have driven ISIS from Lebanon. I'm guessing the confrontation involved less than 20 people who threw rocks at one another and shouted taunts. There is no truth in claims by an Arab.
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