Israeli gov't 'interested in the stability of Hamas rule in Gaza'
Ronen Bergman
Published: 29.08.17, 14:10
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1. Just like with Arafat: our govt. seems to make do with the
existing evil because anything else will be "worse" and DOES become worse anyhow!
2. The obvious solution is for Israel to retake Gaza forever
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.29.17)
Once again Israel is playing the ludicrous game of pretending one group of genocidal "Palestinian" terrorists is better than another. Israel's government pretends Fatah terrorists are better than Hamas terrorists and that even Hamas terrorists are better than "far worse" alternatives. It is just as idiotic as pretending the alternative to Hitler could have been "far worse".

The obvious answer is for Israel to reverse our lunatic flight from Gaza, which is the source of all the problems. Retake Gaza forever. Rebuild Gush Katif bigger and better than ever.

3. Israel arouses contempt for itself,no wonder no progress
ab   (08.29.17)
Informing Hamas "Dear beloved pal,we won't do anything against you.".
Israeli officialdom should convert en masse and aspire to Catholic Sainthood..
In the meantimeeep tratingGazansin Israeli hospitals aad provide university education for Hamas inmates in jails ,its your dhimmi duty
4. No military operations.No swaps for dead bodies.Never!
Alan ,   SA   (08.29.17)
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