Court sets precedent in Ramat Gan strip club closure
Yoram Yarkoni
Published: 29.08.17, 17:46
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1. With same logic...
Joseph ,   USA   (08.29.17)
Also shut down annual slutwalk and slut type dressing or undressing because women are objectified by themselves and it hurts them even though they don't know it. That has been the religious point of view all along but in name of feminism and equality some ladies have decided to behave like most men. Meaning like pigs.
2. The ritual butchery is calld circumcism not castration.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Levittown, NY   (08.29.17)
3. Just as with so many other private matters, these usurpers
of "morality"/taste/political stance (Judges) know better than the poor women or their Johns....
Sad but true.
Once they thought that prohibiting alcohol would be a great "progress" for the American public....Look what they've achieved by that: Al Capone/ Mafia more powerful than ever.
Engineering the human behavior/nature: makes me puke every time.
4. yes, but...
shloime ,   toronto   (08.30.17)
it's ironic that the same people who denounce the "objectification of women", have never talked to strippers or prostitutes, but instead project their values onto them. which is just another form of objectification.
5. it causes men to see all women negatively
star ,   israel   (08.30.17)
These women are working as strippers out of their own free will. But this is not the point. The problem is that strip shows and the like demean women as a whole in the eyes of men. It enters their subconscious and affects the way they relate to women in their day-to-day life. This is why the judge said it has adverse effects on societal values.
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